What I Learned Between Two Hills and a Cliff

Renee and I decided one day recently that we wanted to go out driving looking at new areas for ministry.  There are so many small villages tucked away and hidden in the hills and sugar cane fields that you cannot see from any main roads.  Because they are hard to get to and hard to see they often get overlooked by ministries serving in the area and we really want to make sure they are getting their spiritual and physical needs met.

On this day we decided to drive through an area known as La Union and see what might be behind that large area of apartment complexes.  As we were driving I noticed a small dirt road and said to Renee, “Let’s see what’s down there.”  What we found was a hidden little area of houses with some of the most beautiful views I have seen.  The road got progressively worse as we went up and down a few hills.  The last hill we went down was pretty steep with a cliff on the driver’s side and a big hill shooting straight up on the passenger’s side.  As we came around a turn I was facing a hill that was steeper than the one I had just come down.  I tried to make it up the hill but as I got a little over half way up my tires would start spinning and I couldn’t make it.  I did not have enough room to turn around, so I tried backing up the hill I had come down but I kept sliding into the big ruts in the road and my tires would start spinning.  We were stuck!

After trying a few more times to get up each hill I decided it was time to call for help.  I really could not figure out how someone was going to be able to help us, but I thought maybe someone would have a winch and could help that way.  I called a good friend and tried to describe where we were.  Renee and I decided we better head out to the road we turned off of to be easier to find.  After a bit Waldis, our friend, found us and we jumped in his car to show him were ours was.  He drove part way and then parked and we walked to the car.  As we looked at the situation we walked up the hill in front of the car and there was a man and women sitting talking.  As Waldis talked to them they asked him why it was a problem.  He said that my car would not make it up the hill.  They told him that the small van at the top of the hill had just come up it.  He looked at me and said, “Give me your keys.”  I protested a little telling him I had already tried.  Waldis told me, “You have a big strong car…it is not a problem.”  With that he got in my car took off, much faster at the hill than I had, and went straight up it.  I stood there both amazed and embarrassed with my ego stung.

When Renee and I got in the car with Waldis I said to him, “I can’t believe you made it…I thought there was no way without something to help pull.”  He said, “Your car is powerful…you just had to go at the hill more strong and the car would take you up it.”

As we continued to drive around and laugh about our “big” adventure I begin to think maybe God was trying to teach me something.  I believe that God is always speaking to us and trying to teach us and grow us though situations.  As I thought more about this situation it hit me.  We have found ourselves in situations like this before, and may well again, where we can’t go back to something we had before, but the future we feel God calling us to is scary and uncertain.  What if I can’t do it?  What if I fall?

But don’t we serve a powerful God?  Psalm 29 says the POWER of the Lord is so mighty that His voice echoes above the sea, splits the mighty cedars, strikes like lightning bolts, makes the desert quake and can strip the forest bare.  Then it says that the Lord gives His people strength.  I think God was telling me that if He is calling us to something than He is expecting that we will trust that we have a powerful God driving us and we will not move slowly up the hill tentatively, but that we will charge forward running right at the hill with confidence not in ourselves but in the God we serve.  David did not stand back waiting for his challenge with Goliath, but instead charged forward onto the battlefield to meet him.  He was able to do this because of his confidence, not in his own abilities, but in the God he served.

If you have something that God is calling you to that may seem scary and unsure I want to encourage you to not walk forward in confidence, but to let out the battle cry CHARGE and RUN forward in confidence, Why? Because you serve the star breathing creator of the universe!!!!

– Chantz Cutts, Executive Director

Forever Changed


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