Strong Communities to Fight Exploitation

At Go MAD Ministries our community ministry is focused on helping the local pastors reach their communities.  We believe that a great way to fight back against human exploitation is with strong churches.  We are always looking to support the work of the local pastor in the community and one of the ways we do this is through teams.

We recently had a team join us from Florida that brought equipment to be able to show movies.  The idea was we would have a large portable screen, projector, sound equipment and a generator so that we could show a movie anywhere regardless of whether they had electricity or not.  I had spoken with one of the local pastors we work with in a rural community ahead of time and he loved the idea.  The week before the team came in the pastor announced in church that they would be showing a movie the following week.  The pastor said that people cheered and were really excited because most of them had only seen movies on small televisions never on “the big screen”.

Anytime we have teams come down we always join in working with the local church and not working for Go MAD Ministries.  This is very important because at the end of the week the team leaves and if the work hasn’t been done in the name of the church that is still there than we have not helped them in reaching their community.  The day we were to show the movie we joined in with the pastor and people from the church going door to door visiting, praying with people and letting them know the church would be showing a movie that night.  Again, we met with a lot of excitement at the idea of having a movie shown in the village.

251723-800x600The night of the movie we began to set up and the crowd started gathering.  By the time we started the movie the church was full with people standing along the walls.  There were actually people who stood outside and watched the entire movie from the street through the windows.  When the movie was over the pastor shared a little about what God had laid on his heart during the movie and gave an invitation.  Five people came forward that night and accepted Christ as their Savior.  What a great night!

The impact continues though…the pastor and I met at his house for coffee this past week and he shared with me that since that movie night they have continued to have more and more people come into the church and more people have come to know Christ as their Savior.  That is the vision of Go MAD’s Community Ministry!  The team joined with the church and assisted them in reaching their community and now the impact is continuing after the team is gone…Praise God!

And the impact continues…because of the equipment the team brought down we can continue to assist this church in reaching their community.  We now have another movie night planned for this next week.

And the impact continues…the pastor told me that he was sharing with another pastor in a different community about the impact this movie night had on his church and this pastor asked if we could bring the equipment and have a movie night for his church.  That plan is being put together as I write this.

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– Chantz


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