Serve and Let God Lead

I recently heard someone say, “God can’t steer a parked car.” While I am pretty sure God can do whatever he wants with a car parked or otherwise, their point was well made. You see so often people get paralyzed in the stage of “waiting to see what God has for me.” I have heard many people say, “I am just waiting on God.” I think many times God would reply, “If your waiting on me your backing up.” Okay maybe he would not reply exactly that but I think you get my meaning. I have always felt like we just need to start serving and God will lead us where he wants us. We have taken this approach with Go MAD Ministries and it has been really exciting and sometimes a little scary to see where God had taken us as a ministry. Over the last several months the mission of this ministry has really come into focus.

While we had things that we felt like God had laid on our hearts we were having a bit of a difficult time putting them together. Basically it seemed as though we had three separate areas in which we were ministering and even at times two different ministries it seemed. I was really struggling with this as I felt like this was not how we were supposed to operate. What it came down to was I just could not get comfortable with it. But, I just kept going back to what I said earlier, just keep serving and God will work it out.

Last week Renee and I were back talking about this exact concern and I guess we were finally to the point where God had been leading us and it just came out. In fact, I am not even sure which of us said it. I am sure it was me…well it could have been her. I think some actually came from her and some came from me and suddenly it was just like, “oh yeah that makes perfect sense.” I quickly typed up an email to our board of directors asking for permission to refine the mission and vision statement. I have received positive feedback so Go MAD Ministries has a newly refined mission and vision statement with which to align everything that we do. The great thing is everything that we are currently doing align perfectly with our mission. I know that should not be a shock as God has been working it out, but I still think it is cool.

Vision Statement

We have a vision to see exploited individuals and communities transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus.

Mission Statement

Go MAD Ministries is a not-for-profit Christian organization established to bring opportunity, dignity and hope to exploited individuals and communities.

The three areas of our ministry work together to support this mission statement. Our Community ministry works with the local pastors to reach and strengthen their communities. It is our belief that building up strong churches and communities is a key to fighting back against the exploitation of individuals. Oasis is our women’s ministry and will seek to give opportunity for a different life to those forced into prostitution. Our Make A Difference trips is the third arm of the ministry and will be used to support the Community ministry as well as drive awareness of the largest exploitation of individuals today human trafficking.

I believe that God has a special place in His heart for the impoverished and exploited people of this world. I know that he has given Renee and me a heart for them and a passion for this work. If you are not involved today in a real way in reaching out to “the least of these” (Matt. 25:45), I want to encourage you to consider it. Remember, start serving and trust that God will lead you where he wants you.

– Chantz


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3 Responses to “Serve and Let God Lead”

  1. James Meeker Says:

    Bravo Chantz!

  2. Alisa Brown Says:

    If we truly “live love,” we can’t continue with life in the comfort zone. There are a lot of people out there who need–desperately need–Jesus. Their life on earth is in peril, but more urgently, their eternal existence hangs in the balance. God hasn’t given up on them! Put down the beer, turn off the TV, and let God break your heart every day for “the least of these.” In return, He will bless your socks off. I never truly knew how good God is until I took Him at His Word. God bless you guys! Praying for you, your ministry, and those precious souls you labor for!

  3. Michael Says:

    Real Christianity is all about following the Jesus we believe in – and that means serving the people He serves.

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