Developing a Heart for Playa Laguna

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful village named Playa Laguna. Playa Laguna has been a long established village just outside of the town of Sosua. It is in very low lying area close to the ocean. Because of it being in a low lying area there always seems to be water around even when it doesn’t rain.

When we first moved to the Dominican Republic back in 2006 it was a very quiet kind of country village. A large development came in a couple of years ago and bought up all of the ocean front property in the area and a large piece to connect the ocean front to the main road. They are building exclusive condos and houses along the ocean. Because many of the people of Playa Laguna do not actually own the land they are living on they were forced to move around to accommodate this new development. The Dominican people are amazingly resilient and have managed to simply move around the outside of the walls that enclose the new development and continue to live their lives with a smile on their face.

A truck has gone to Playa Laguna to pick people up for Wednesday night Bible Study and Friday night Church for several years. However, we recently started having a church service on Sunday nights. It has been a real blessing for the people of Playa Laguna to have something of their own.

We recently had a group of nursing students come down on a short-term mission trip. They blessed Playa Laguna by holding a mobile clinic there. We took two of our mission trucks and they saw patients right in the back of the trucks. The nurses were able to do basic check-ups and see patients with “The Gripe” which would be colds, allergy and sinus issues to you and me. We take for granted being able to pick up quality over-the-counter medicine in the U.S. but for people living in the DR it is not so easy. Even those that can afford to buy medicine, it is not of the same quality as what we can get in the States so the medicine that the nurses brought in was a real blessing.

Please pray for the work in Playa Laguna, Pastor Henry and that God will bless and move in this area.

– Chantz Cutts

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  1. Jennifer Arnold Says:

    I’m so glad you’re getting to put in a school and church. That is great news!! It was a blessing to be in Playa Laguna and thanks for all the hard work you guys put into your jobs. I’m so glad I could come help and meet everyone 🙂


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