TEAL – Adult Education Program


Men and women living in poverty are by far the majority of those victimized by labor and sexual exploitation. This is because those that look to exploit others look for those with few opportunities. One of the biggest drivers of this lack of opportunity is not having access to education and training. Without marketable skills there is little hope of change for them or their children creating a cycle of poverty.

Our goal with TEAL is to empower men and women living in extreme poverty by providing them with the education and job training they need to open up opportunities and break this cycle that puts them at risk of exploitation.

We do this by providing classes in:

English –    A person who is proficient in English is very valuable in a tourist are with many English speaking tourists with opportunities in local resorts, restaurants, excursion operators and even serving as translators.

Sewing –    Teaching people to sew clothing, bags, home furnishings and create crafts that can be sold both locally and internationally.

Business – There are people that have marketable skills like motorcycle repair, cooking, construction, etc but with no business training they continue to struggle. By equipping them with budgeting, planning and management skills they can become self-sustaining. *

We hope to continue to add to the classes we can offer.

*coming soon