Our Programs

Go MAD provides exploited individuals with the opportunity for a better future through the below programs.


A lack of proper medical care leaves many children in the Dominican Republic with untreated medical issues.  Without treatment many times small issues turn into very serious issues.  Parents feel desperate to do something as they see their children get more and more sick.  Those that seek to exploit others prey on this desperation.  Often times these people offer “help” with the payment coming in the form of things like slave labor from the dads, prostitution from the mothers or even taking the children themselves.  Instead families can bring their children to see the doctor or nurse and receive the medicine they need to get healthy and return to school protecting them from exploitation and providing the opportunity for a better future.

Child Medical Care


Children are often part of a cycle of exploitation.  Estimates are that 50% of the estimated 32 million slaves around the globe are children.   It is also estimated that 35% – 50% of those trafficked for sexual exploitation are between the ages of 12 and 17 and in some areas those numbers are as high as 90%.   This is why it is important to create programs focused on children.  A lack of education makes children living in poverty very vulnerable to exploitation as it limits their opportunities to earn a living in the future.  Many of the children that are trafficked into labor and sex slavery are done so through the promise of a good paying job.  This is why education is such a big part of our effort to bring hope and opportunity to the exploited and vulnerable.

A lack of education means a lack of choices for these kids leaving them vulnerable to human traffickers.  By ensuring children receive an education we are able to give them options for income.  We also want to instill in children confidence, through an understanding of who God created them to be, that will give them the ability to stand against human traffickers and provide the hope of a better future.


Community Development

Our Equip community program works in partnership with local community leadership coming alongside them to reach out to meet the needs of their community. Everything we do through our Community ministry is done hand-in-hand with the local leadership. This is important as our desire is to strengthen and grow the local leaders and their community.  A strong tight knit community is a great way to protect individuals from those that look to exploit them.

This is also an area where are teams are greatly involved working arm-in-arm together with people in the local community.


 Job Training

Men and women living in poverty are by far the majority of those victimized by labor and sexual exploitation. This is because those that look to exploit others look for those with few opportunities. One of the biggest drivers of this lack of opportunity is not having access to education and job training. Without marketable skills there is little hope of change for them, or their children, creating a cycle of poverty.

Our goal is to empower men and women living in extreme poverty by providing them with the education and job training they need to open up opportunities and break this cycle that puts them at risk of exploitation.