Our Programs

Go MAD provides exploited individuals with the opportunity for a better future through the below programs.

Oasis – Women’s Program

Oasis is our program specifically focused on women at risk.  Many women working in the sex tourism industry are single mothers forced into prostitution as children.  Now with little to no education they see this work as their only option in trying to provide for their children.  Our desire with Oasis is to provide opportunity and hope with education for them and their children, job training, discipleship, counseling and income with dignity.  Most of all we want them to know how special they are to God, how much He loves them and that He has a purpose for their lives. Find out more.


Firm Foundation – Children’s Program

Children are often part of a cycle of exploitation.  Estimates are that 50% of the estimated 32 million slaves working around the globe are children.   It is also estimated that 35% – 50% of those trafficked for sexual exploitation are between the ages of 12 and 17 and in some areas those numbers are as high as 90%.  This is why we felt it important to create a program to restore hope and create opportunity specifically focused on children. Find out more.


Community Program

Our Community program works in partnership with the local community leadership coming alongside them to reach out and improve their communities.  Establishing strong communities is one of the best ways to protect individuals from those who look to exploit them. We assist the local leadership with outreach, community improvement projects and ministering to people’s physical and spiritual needs.  Reaching out is always done through and with local community entity. Our desire is to strengthen and empower the local community and its leaders. Find out more.


 TEAL – To Empower A Life

Our goal with TEAL is to empower men and women living in extreme poverty by providing them with marketable skills to reach their goal of being self-sustained. This is important as those that seek to exploit others often look for those with few options putting people living in poverty at great risk. Find out more.