Oct. 2009 – FEAR

We have come to the end of October and while I can’t really say if we are “on schedule” or not I can say that God has blessed us. He has blessed us through people’s encouragement and financial contributions, through His word and through that inexplicable comfort that He gives just when we need it most.

I am not sure if any of you are like me in this way or not, but I have FEAR. I don’t like to admit it because I FEAR admitting that I have FEAR. I FEAR admitting that I have FEAR because I am supposed to be this strong Christian and if people know that I FEAR, maybe they will think less of me. I FEAR admitting that I have FEAR because…well…I am a man, and if people know that I FEAR maybe they will think me less of a man. I FEAR admitting that I have FEAR because I simply don’t want to have FEAR, and if I don’t admit it I don’t have it…right? When I was little, if I put my head under the covers, then the boogey man couldn’t see me, so maybe it will work with my FEARS…okay maybe not. Why am I sharing this with you? Because maybe if I have FEAR, some of you have FEAR also and God shared something with me recently that has helped with my FEAR, and maybe it will help with yours.

First, He gave my Pastor a sermon that I needed to hear a couple of weeks ago on…you guessed it FEAR. By the way, I had just prayed that morning about my FEAR. Isn’t God a great God! The scripture that he preached was on 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of FEAR, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” This was a word that Paul gave to Timothy as he encouraged him to utilize the gifting that God had given him to the best of his ability and to testify boldly about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Paul knew that it would not be on his own ability that Timothy would be able to be so bold, but on the strength of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of him as a Christian. It was a wonderful reminder that we all have that same spirit living in each of us as Christians.

Next, He took me to a men’s ministry retreat put on by our church. With so much to do I struggled with whether I should take the time to attend. My wonderful wife encouraged me to go and so I did. What a blessing this turned out to be in my life. God in His wonderful way of doing things built off of the word He gave to me through my Pastor. One of the things we did on the retreat was watch a DVD of Louie Giglio delivering a sermon on the power of God. Take a look at Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” I love the way The Message puts it, “God spoke: “Light!” And light appeared.” Think about what this means for a moment. Put your hand in front of your mouth and say the word light. Did you feel that little bit of breath that hit your hand when you said light? With that little bit of breath God created all the stars…in all the galaxies…in the entire universe! Now I am not a scientist so I did what we do in 2009 and typed into Google, “How many stars are in the universe?” Here is what I got from Answers.com. Based on current estimates there are about 200 – 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone! STOP and reread that sentence. There are believed to be about 100 billion galaxies in the universe! When you do the math that comes out to be about the same number of stars in the universe as grains of sand on the Earth. You want to do the breath thing again? It only took God speaking the word “light” to create approximately three septillion stars and we have not even gotten in to the enormity of the stars themselves. If I have given control of my life to the God that created more stars than I can comprehend, then what have I to FEAR…wait fear?

So, we are working on moving to the DR to serve a mighty God with no fear of what lies ahead. I understand that this doesn’t mean that everything will go perfectly smooth or there will not be moments when fear will creep back in, but I know that a huge and awesome God is in control.

In Christ,

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