Oasis Spotlight – Pamela

The spotlight focuses on one of the women in the Oasis program each month.  All names are changed to protect their privacy.

Our first spotlight will focus on Pamela who is a young woman age seventeen.  She is a soft spoken young woman and looks down at the ground most of the time. She was raised by her grandmother in the Capital city and moved to the North Coast as a young girl to live with her Aunt.  Because of the move she was only able to attend school for two years and cannot read or write.

Pamela was married at the age of fifteen to a thirty two year old man. When asked what she does for fun or if she has a hobby she didn’t seem to understand the question and would rarely meet my gaze.  Her life is spent serving men and working in her home.  She said her dream as a young girl, remembering that she is only seventeen, was to be a hair stylist.  Now that she is older and married she seems to believe that that dream is unreachable.  Pamela gave me a big shy smile but I could see the sadness there along with a heart breaking hopelessness.

We asked Pamela what she would like to be or do with her life.  She said that she wanted to learn to read and write, to feel smarter. When we pushed her to dream big, and asked if she could be anything, what she would want to be, her reply was to be a doctor!  This is a huge goal and maybe unrealistic but I am so excited that she wants to dream big!  This past week, two Pastors came by to pray with the ladies and Pamela accepted Christ as her Savior.  She said that her husband is also interested to learn more of Jesus so one of the Pastors will be sharing with him also.  At Go MAD we speak of changing generations and if this husband and wife become a Christian family this will change their family for generations to come.  Praise the Lord!

Now the work begins for Pamela.  We will be enrolling her in school to learn to read and write and get her High School diploma.  When she reaches this milestone we will see where she wants to go next. Maybe she will fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a hair stylist or maybe she will pursue a career in medicine.  Wherever God leads her, she now has a hope for a future.  Having hope is a huge step for her and it will be exciting to watch her bloom into the beautiful woman God has created her to be!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

If you would like to help Make A Difference in the lives of young ladies and women like Pamela please contact us at www.gomadministries.com.  You can help by contributing financially, hosting a jewelry party, or by bringing down a mission team to help provide an education for Pamela or other women in the Oasis program.

– Renee


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2 Responses to “Oasis Spotlight – Pamela”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Wow! That is a beautiful story. The most powerful part is also that her husband has a desire to learn more about Christ. That will be an incredible story for you all in changing not just the ladies lives, but now whole families.

  2. Alisa Brown Says:

    Wow! When you give someone back their dreams, you give them back their life. You guys are doing a terrific job . . . and Making A Difference!

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