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At Go MAD our reason for being is to fight human exploitation and we are excited to announce our latest weapon in the fight…Firm Foundation.  Firm Foundation will focus on fighting the exploitation of children as they are steadily becoming a larger segment of this rapidly growing epidemic.  Estimates are that 50% of the 27 million modern-day slaves around the globe are children.   It is also estimated that 35% – 50% of those trafficked for sexual exploitation are between the ages of 12 and 17 and in some areas those numbers are as high as 90%.  As Christians this should not only be unacceptable but also move us to action.

The first program we are launching with Firm Foundation will be the Foundation Children’s Center.  The Foundation Children’s Center has 3 main objectives:

  1. Instill confidence with the knowledge that they were created special by God, that He loves them and made them for a purpose.
  2. Provide a quality Christian education to those that are not able to attend school.
  3. To show children that there are people that love and care about them.



In the Dominican Republic children without birth certificates are not allowed to attend school.  While having a birth certificate may be a bit of a “no-brainer” for most of us it is not the case for many living in the DR.  A lack of education means a lack of choices for these kids leaving them vulnerable to the tricks used by human traffickers.  Many of the children that are trafficked into labor and sex slavery are done so through the promise of a good paying job.  By equipping them with a quality education we are able to give them options.  We also want to give children confidence through an understanding of who God created them to be giving them the ability to stand against human traffickers and provide the hope of a better future.  So many of these children feel alone, unloved and only receive attention from people that want something from them.  Showing them that there are people that love them and desire to truly help them is showing them the love of Christ.

I believe with Firm Foundation we can change the trajectory of children’s lives and impact generations but we are going to need your help.  We will soon be launching a child sponsorship program which is a great way to get involved.  You can also give a financial contribution to purchase school supplies, desks, white boards, etc by going to and clicking on Make A Donation.  Working together we WILL Make A Difference and we WILL fight back against human exploitation.

– Chantz


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  1. Martha Says:

    Wat leuk om zomaar een fondueset weg te geven aan jullie lezers en wat maakt die datum nou uit? Gewoon genieten en hopen dat de set bij je thuis bezorgd wordt lijkt me meer dan vo!tdendelGroeoen, Marion

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