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IMG_08063The closest free medical clinic for the families living in Caraballo and Ascension is 4 miles away in the town of Montelleno. Transportation is expensive, and with families already struggling to get through each day, medical is something that families just can’t afford to get to, and medication is near impossible to buy.

It has been 4 years since Caraballo and Ascension have received proper consistent medical care. Over these years I have seen children struggle with infections, common colds and fungus issues.  As well as Seniors struggling daily with high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes. For you and I these issues are easily manageable, but families living in this area simply do not have the means to go to the hospital or purchase the medication.

I am so excited that we now have a weekly Medical Clinic for the people of Ascension and Caraballo. It is amazing to already see the change in the community in just 4 short months. David is a 7-year-old boy who had suffered with a hernia for 3 years. Nurse Ana was able to connect us to a surgeon, so after suffering for years, little David is no longer in pain and his parents are so thankful. Jeanne is a senior who has struggled with high blood pressure and asthma.  Rarely did she have a day where she was not suffering. Today Jeanne is excited and looks forward to Tuesday’s medical clinics. She is no longer suffering and her smile is amazing.

Dr. Katz is a fantastic doctor who spends time with each patient, listening and caring for their needs.  Dr. Katz checks all the babies monthly to make sure they are healthy and growing. Nurse Ana is amazing. Not only does she get everything ready for the patients to meet with the doctor, but while they are waiting, she takes time to educate the patients and parents on their health care and the care of their children.

I want to thank everyone involved in bringing medical care to Ascension and Caraballo. You are making a difference in people’s lives.

– Megan Ratnam, Country Director

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