New Beginnings in the Dominican Republic

This month has been a month of beginnings for us in the Dominican Republic. The Oasis women’s ministry is fully up and running. Bible studies have begun with the ladies, the Dress shop is open and Oasis jewelry is being made daily!

The Oasis Dress shop opened its doors on March 9th and is a beautiful place for women to shop for their most special occasions. All proceeds from the shop go to fund the Oasis woman’s ministry that works with women at risk of being sold or forced into the sex industry. Thanks to all who have donated dresses, they are so beautiful!

It was great to have Oasis jewelry launch this month. Oasis jewelry seeks to employ women who are currently involved in the sex tourism industry and offer them an opportunity to have an income with dignity. These women make jewelry that is sold in the U.S. at parties and boutiques and this pays the salary of the women. The response to this ministry has been overwhelming and we currently employ three women. There are many others who want to get off the street and have hope for a different life but finances have us moving a little slower than we would like.

Tomorrow we may be signing a lease for a safe house. Hope House will provide shelter for women who are currently homeless, women forced to work in the sex industry by pimps or boyfriends, or young girls who want to break the cycle and need to be away from family who force them to sell themselves. We have been praying for months for this house and God is moving in this area. One of our ladies that makes jewelry, let’s call her Bell, is currently homeless. This would give her a free place to live without fear of bodily harm.

If you are interested in helping save a woman or girl from forced prostitution we could use your support. It costs around $500 each month to assist each girl and many more need the help up. Please prayerfully consider donating as an individual, Sunday school class or women’s Bible study group. Your donation to Oasis will not only help us to assist a woman or girl in making a new beginning, but will change a family for generations. Oasis also needs support for the safe house. We would love to have you, as an individual or group, sponsor a room of the house. We will be providing more information in the upcoming days and weeks so stay tuned to the website and Facebook.

– Renee


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3 Responses to “New Beginnings in the Dominican Republic”

  1. Alisa Brown Says:

    This is a beautiful vision for a better life. God bless you guys!

  2. Ruth Roberts Says:

    Where do the donated dresses come from for the Oasis store? Do people send these from the U.S.?

  3. Chantz Cutts Says:

    All dresses have been donated with most coming from the U.S. At this time we are not requesting any additional dress donations.

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