My Prayer in the Harvest

This has been an amazing month at Hope House. Classes are going really well and the ladies are learning so much.  We have had guest speakers, attended a women’s conference, and even had three of our four sewing machines break only to have God provide the funds to replace all four the following day.  The four women currently in the Oasis program are really thriving and God is moving in their lives.  I have been really blessed to hear testimony of changes in their lives since entering the program.  I would love to share a few of their stories with you.

Leonela is 21 years old and is currently attending adult high school.  Since entering the program, she is more determined than ever to finish high school and go to university.  She really loves English class and is asking lots of questions during Bible study.  She prayed out loud for the first time and talked about the peace she felt.  She said that it was the first time she could really feel the Lord’s presence.

Danisa is 20 years old and has been working on the street for over five years.  She hasn’t had the opportunity to accomplish much in her life and she is so excited about completing this program.  When we told her about the graduation ceremony, she asked if she could bring her Grandfather because he would be so proud to see her graduate.  This brought me to tears because the opportunity that Go MAD is giving her means so much and she knows that she will be looked at differently because of this achievement.

Dulce Bella is 26 year old and has a five year old son.  She accepted Christ as a young teenager but due to circumstances was forced to work the streets.  She told me that she knows that she is still a Christian but has strayed from God.  Her son has been acting up at school and she has been very upset about this. She told us that she began to pray with him at meals and then over him at night while he slept.   After a week the teacher said he was a different child.  She told Dulce Bella that he was listening and doing his work every day.  Dulce Bella knows that it is only because of prayer that he has changed.  Her son said that he has his mom back and that they spend their nights together like families should.

Yasinia is 16 years old and is Leonela’s sister.  She is so full of excitement because she gets to attend school next year and graduate high school.  There was only enough money for her sister to go to school but now that she is a part of Oasis she will also get to get an education.  She and Leonela were forced into prostitution by their mother and Yasenia said that she wants to do anything with her life but work the streets. Now with Oasis and her education she will have the opportunity to fulfill her purpose.  During Bible study last week she prayed to receive Christ as her savior.  She is so young and now she is full of hope like a teenager should be.

One afternoon, we had a special service at the house.  The service ended at five o’clock but the ladies had so many questions for the pastor that they stayed until 6:30.  As I stated earlier, God is really moving right now at Hope House.  It is an amazing time of harvest in the Oasis ministry.  My prayer during this time is that the women grow in their faith in Jesus because I know that difficult times will be coming.   Please be in prayer for these women.  Pray for them by name and pray for their families.  Women and girls are exploited here every day and it is a difficult cycle to break.  These women are God’s beautiful creation and they need prayer warriors to help them become the women that God has created them to be.

– Renee


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  1. Bonnie Says:

    This is a beautiful testimony, not only for the women, but for the work of Go MAD Ministries too. I am so proud of what you and your family are doing for the people of the DR. I love you all.

  2. Alisa Brown Says:

    Greetings from Italy! What a wonderful work you are doing there! We are entering the times prophesied about, when the harvester overtakes the sower. Don’t you just love harvest time! Keep up the good work! Don’t let anything distract or discourage you! I love you guys!

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