Small Amount of Money Saves a Leg

I often tell people that the most difficult part of living on the mission field in an impoverished country is that your heart is broken every single day.  This is because every day you are faced with situations that you cannot fix.  We are asked every day to help financially with different situations and we are just trying to figure out if we can pay rent ourselves for the month.  We are conditioned as Americans that when there is an issue throw money at it.  In the short-term you can do that for some issues and you feel good to be a blessing to someone.  In the long-term this is not realistic.  This has been an area of growth in my faith.  I have learned to trust God more in situations because often times that is all I can do.  We do our best to comfort and pray with people when that is all we have to offer.

However, there are times that God puts something on our heart to help in more than comfort and prayer.  I am not sure why God leads us to do more with some issues than others.  This is another area where I have had to learn to be sensitive to what God leads and just do as I feel He is leading and trust that I am being obedient.

We recently had a medical issue come up with the mother of one of our students that we felt like we needed to get involved.  The Bible tells us, “to whom much is given, much is required” and we as Americans have been given much.  It is amazing how so little can do so much some times.  This particular issue was a tumor growing on this lady’s knee.  It had progressed to the point of her not being able to walk.  She needed surgery to remove the tumor or she would lose her leg.  Now in the Dominican Republic they do have a public hospital where they can get free medical care for a lot of things.  However, they have to provide their own transportation, food, sheets, pillows, clothes, etc. as well as pay for any medicines used including the anesthetic.  For a lot of people this makes “free” medical care inaccessible.  What we found out was that this lady needed $450 to have this surgery.  You read that correctly…$450 would allow this mother of 3 to keep her leg!  While that seems like a small price to pay it may have well been $50,000 for this mom.  The timing was perfect as we had our home church down on a short-term mission trip when we found out about this issue.  We approached the team leaders with the need and praise God they did not even hesitate.  What is even better is there was another short-term team here at the same time with a nurse.  She found out this was going on and approached her team also.  In all we collected $476!

By the way, the mother with the issue did not ask us for our help.  She did not want to ask because she didn’t want to burden us.  The teacher of her son came to us because we have a very close relationship with her and she knew that our home church was here and thought they might be able to help.  It was the first time that she had ever asked us for anything.

We pray all the time for “moments”.  Moments to share Christ with people…moments to love on people…moments to pour into people’s lives…moments to change someone’s life forever.  Have you ever prayed for “moments”?  Pray that God would give you special moments with people and that He would bless those moments.

Now Go Make A Difference eternally in someone’s life today!

– Chantz


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  1. Mom Says:

    I am so proud of you and your family. The story about the woman with the knee problem brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Alfredo Luna Says:

    Im glad to hear that everything went God
    be the glory!!

  3. Alfredo Luna Says:

    Good news from a foreign land always refreshes
    a soul..

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