Missionary Kids: Digging In

So this month we have had a lot of exciting things happen with going to school, starting a youth worship team and one of us has taken a real interest in surfing. This week we are on our spring break and it’s been a good relaxing time for us. The Dominican’s take their spring break during the week of Samana Santa, which is Holy Week. This is a time to enjoy family and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. School has needless to say been kind of stressful, but it has been good and we are learning the language and making lots of friends. We have both taken a few test so far and have done okay on them so school is going pretty good.

This month we have also started up an English speaking youth group and an English speaking worship team which has been a blast. Both are going well and for those who go to Foundation you’ll be excited to know that the first song we have been working on is One Way. Also, this month Brett has started surfing! It has been awesome. He’s really getting into it and has stood up a lot. It has been awesome to see him really dig into it and enjoy it.

So that’s all for this month. Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to support us.

– Brodie & Brett

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