Joy in the Morning

On Tuesday, April 24th the Sosua area suffered from a disastrous flood.  The day started out sunny and warm and Chantz headed to Haiti to work on Jeffrey’s guardianship.  By mid- afternoon the rain was pouring and in a very short time, roads were blocked by rushing water and rivers had overflowed their banks.

By the time Chantz got back from Haiti later that evening, he could not make it home because the only road from our house to Sosua was blocked by water.   Brodie and I ventured out to try to pick him up but we had to turn back as cars that tried to cross were stalling and the water would have been over the back bumper of our car.   Chantz had to run and jump in the back of a large flatbed commercial truck to get to the other side so I could pick him up.

The next morning we headed out early to survey the damage to Hope House and we had to again try to get across the flooded road.  This time we made it but many smaller vehicles did not.  The police were actually taxiing people across on a large wrecker truck so they could get to work.  We finally made it to Hope House and as we walked up there was a Haitian man bucketing water out of the porch area.  The cleanup job seemed massive and overwhelming but we jumped in and began to work.

The water mark on the wall showed that at its peak, that water was over knee high.  The furniture was toppled over as well as the refrigerator.  Our storage room was also flooded and this housed all of Go MAD Ministries audio and video equipment used for street ministry and evangelism.  We took inventory of the damage and kept working.

img_0389-1024x768It wasn’t long before we had people showing up to help.  All of the ladies from the Oasis program showed up and jumped in and then before we knew it we had around eighteen different people there.  The amazing thing about this is that we only know maybe half of them.  People were laughing and sharing stories and the pastor from a large church came by to help out too.  Looking around, we felt no stress or sadness but blessed because God had provided all that we needed.  With all of the help, what seemed overwhelming the night before was cleaned up and smelling fresh by the end of the day.  After lunch we gathered together for a quick devotion and prayer.  We read Joshua 1:9 about being strong and courageous and prayed and thanked Him for His provision.  Even though we were sad the night before because of the loss of material things, God showed us joy the next morning in His greatest creation…His children.  Thank you Jesus for this reminder that the most important thing is sharing Your love with others and You will provide the rest!

– Renee


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