House of Hope

The Oasis ministry has spent the last month and a half focusing on a safe house.  Many of the women we visit with come from difficult circumstances from which they need to escape.  Financially, the money was not there for a safe house but we felt that the need had to be met.  This began the journey of Hope House.

Chantz, Vladimir, and I looked in many locations for an affordable house.  Through many resources, we found several homes in the price range we prayed we could afford.  Nothing seemed right.  The houses were too small or too far from the main road causing the ladies to walk miles to catch public transportation.  Finally, after much prayer, we found the house!

Hope house is a three bedroom and one bathroom home.  It has a combination living room, dining room and a small kitchen.  The thing that made this the perfect house was the large room behind the kitchen that is used as a discipleship room and a room for making the jewelry.  God always provides for our need and this home is just perfect.

The week after we signed the lease, some friends from the states came to visit.  They helped us paint the house and someone donated funds to purchase a refrigerator, stove and two beds.  Hope house was up and running.  Now we needed money.

We prayed over the house and really felt that God was in this place.  He would provide and so we started a sponsorship program for the house and waited.  In a matter of days all the rooms in the house were sponsored and before long, someone sponsored the rent for the entire year!  Praise God for His provision!

We now have the ladies working in the house every day earning an income with dignity.  They open the workday in prayer and close the same way.  We have pastors and missionaries come to the house once a week for prayer and devotion time and Lisselotte, a Pastors wife who teaches jewelry making, holds discipleship classes every week.  This past week, as the Pastors came to pray, two of the ladies in the program accepted Christ!  It is just amazing to see these women change.  They come into the program with downcast eyes and shame in their hearts and soon realize their value and how precious they are to Jesus and to us as well.

Thank you to all of who have donated and prayed for this house.  You are making an eternal difference in the lives of these women and changing the direction of their families for generations to come.  This truly is a House of Hope.

– Renee


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  1. Alisa Brown Says:

    What a blessing to see hope being born in the hearts of the hopeless! God bless you guys!

  2. Matthew Says:

    Wow! That is exciting stuff! We’re so glad to see God doing great stuff that you can see right in front of you. Keep on. God Bless.

  3. Thad Says:

    When do we start talking about Hope House #2? Keep the updates coming. Love it!!!

  4. Mattie Says:

    There is a critical shortage of invramotife articles like this.

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