34415242_10100247581852289_9053536024809963520_nYou won’t have to do a lot of research about the education system in the Dominican Republic for it to break your heart. The United States Agency for International Development ranked the DR 143rdout of 144 in the quality of its primary education system worldwide.

Go MAD is being relentless in helping our communities avoid becoming a victim of these statistics. In Canta la Rana, we recently got to celebrate two big education ceremonies! While they both were incredibly different ceremonies, they were both incredibly important and vital to the overall future of this community.

One ceremony was for a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds! Go MAD just graduated 9 little ones from our private pre-school. This means, that starting next fall these children will join a public-school system with one foot forward. These kids have not only learned their letters of the alphabet, how to follow basic classroom rules and instructions, and basic numbers—these kids have been learning about Jesus and how He can change lives. Our kids not only have the value of education, but they know their true value in Christ.

The other ceremony celebrated 18 adults spreading over decades in age, receiving their diploma for passing an Infotep course in baking. Infotep is a government system that provides technical training for local communities for free. Go MAD has been able to come alongside Infotep and provide the resources necessary to host classes and job trainings in our local communities. For the vast majority, this is the closest that any of them will come to getting any type of degree or high school diploma. At the end of each Infotep class, the graduates receive a certificate that is the equivalent of a technical degree and is not only useful here on our island, it is recognized in multiple countries outside the Dominican Republic. We are so proud of our adults that just recently got their Infotep degree in baking, and are excited that we now offer an Infotep course in Accounting and Administration! In August, Go MAD will be able to celebrate another 20 adults that are pursuing this degree.

Go MAD is so excited about our recent graduates in Canta la Rana! We are excited that more kids will enter Kindergarten confidently. We are excited that people can pursue careers with actual degrees to put on their resume. We are excited that the path is being paved to a better tomorrow so more people can walk down it! Malcom X is famously known for saying, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Go MAD is excited that the future of the DR is slowly changing because people are becoming more likely to succeed in their efforts to find jobs and provide basic needs for their families. We are excited that God is in control and our communities are gradually taking ownership in their future!

Bonnie Smith, Community Coordinator


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