God is Moving in Sosua

This month I would like to update you on a few things that have been going on here as God is moving in Sosua.  February has had its share of ups and downs.   I have been working with women and children in the Sosua area that are involved or at risk due to the sex trafficking and tourism in the Dominican Republic.   One woman in particular had a pre-mature baby on 1-11-11.  His name is Byron.   She was a prostitute and he was a product of this and she didn’t want him.   In fact, she tried to get rid of him on several occasions.   After he was born, she left him in the hospital with no intention of returning.  God had other plans.

The lady had a God encounter with a few missionaries and learned how valuable she is to the Lord and that he precious baby was as well.   Through this witness, she accepted Jesus as her savior and went back to take care of the baby.   Byron was 3 lbs. at birth and is now up to 6 lbs.  It has taken some trips back to the hospital for hydration and medication a few times, but we have helped in any way we can.  Once, we stopped by the hospital to check on Byron unexpectedly.   The Mommy had just stepped out, but her Bible was open and lying in the crib with him because she had been reading him scripture.   It has been amazing to see this miraculous transformation in her life!

The fact that many ladies are responding to the call of God is wonderful.   I can really see God moving in the lives of these women. But….it’s not always easy.  Saturday was a very tough day for me.  A lady that I have been working with came by the house with her daughter and baby.  She needed money or a job to buy food and such.  She was in tears because she didn’t want to go back out in the street to prostitute, but she didn’t see any other option at the time.

So here is the hard part, I couldn’t do anything to help her.  We don’t have anything to give right now and I had to send her away empty handed.  I feel broken and I am just sick about it!  The need is so great and the response from the ladies has been overwhelming but the money is just not there!   I couldn’t help asking myself, why aren’t people passionate about saving these ladies from this horrible way of life?   But I have to remember that God IS moving in Sosua.  I know He will meet the need even if it is painful to see the desperation.  I can’t wait for a few months to pass and look back at the miracles and blessings.   There is so much work to be done, but these girls are longing for hope and they are learning how precious they are to the Almighty God.  It is very hard for them to believe, but as they grow to believe this, they are filled with joy, even in their desperate circumstances.  Please pray for me as I try to continue to encourage these girls and let them know how precious they are!

– Renee


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  1. Matthew Says:

    WOW! I can’t imagine the struggle you had with that moment. Please stay encouraged. We want to give, and we will continue to give and support, even when it’s tough for us. Our tough does not compare to their tough

  2. Les Says:

    please do contact me with details about your charity work.

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