Give Up and Trust God

Renee and I have been on the hunt for a storefront location for The Oasis Dress Shop for several weeks now.  We had just not found that “perfect” location for the budget that we had set of $300 per month.  When we found places that seemed good then it was way over our budget.  When we found places within our budget they were wrecks.  After we looked at what we thought was a “perfect” location and were told that the rent was $650 per month Renee said, “we need to just give up and trust God.”

Well…Saturday we met with a couple from another ministry over coffee.  We arrived a little early and after a “friendly” discussion between Renee and I over where to sit we ended up out under an umbrella at the furthest table from anything…the place I wanted to sit by the way.  By sitting in this location we noticed a vacancy at the little group of shops and offices that are attached to the back of the restaurant where we were meeting.  Also, this is not a normal place that we go for coffee.  We went and looked in the windows and Renee said, “this is it.”  I of course immediately started trying to temper her excitement saying that it would be out of our price range.

Well…today we went to look at the space and while it needs some work it just felt right.  When I asked the lady showing us the place what the monthly rent is she said, “$300 per month!”  Renee immediately gave me a smirk and said, “I told you, this is it.”

There is still work to be done as we have to pay two months deposit and the first month’s rent to get the place.  I am going to talk with the management company to see if they would be willing to hold it for us until February 1st with the deposit.  This would keep it for us until we can get back from furlough and get it remodeled.  We are going to once again give up and trust God for whatever we need to have happen that will give Oasis Dress Shop a location.  Please join us in praying for this location and for the funds to make it happen.

– Chantz


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  1. Christi Long Says:

    Awesome! Praying for you guys!

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