From Mundane to Miracle

A few days ago, I had a busy day planned, like so many other days here.  I was headed up to our depot, or storage room, to sort and organize.  This room is a mess after teams come down and can be a disaster after so many summer teams.  The week before we had met up to sort school supplies to get out to the school children.  This took an entire morning because of the number of children we needed to supply and so I knew that this morning was going to be equally as busy.  I have to say, I faced this job with a little dread.

Knee deep in used clothes, we were working hard and building up quite a sweat.  The breeze wasn’t blowing much that day and I felt that we weren’t getting anywhere fast.  As I hauled out another suitcase full of clothing, a woman walked up to me.  At first I thought she wanted something from the depot, but she pulled me aside.  She grabbed hold of my hand like I was her life line.  I knew something was terribly wrong.

I asked the woman her name, but she began to cry and couldn’t speak.  She was dripping sweat, just burning up.  I brought her a cool wet rag and she began to calm down.  I learned that her father had passed away and she needed to get to Moca.  Moca is a fair distance from where we live and she needed money to get there and to buy a box.  This is the term for the casket.  While she told me this, another missionary visiting from the South side of the Island walked up, her name is Barb.  She has a wonderful gift of calm and discernment. We were able to learn the woman’s name, Fiordeliza.

We prayed over the women and we were able to share Christ with her and give her a Bible.  Barb felt that she needed prayer for something else and we found out that Fiordeliza had a very difficult life.  She had been attacked and stabbed multiple times.  Because of this, she had a rod in her shoulder and it wasn’t set right so she had very limited movement and a lot of pain.  Other missionary ladies joined us and we prayed over her shoulder for healing and for her to be pain free.  After we prayed, she lifted her arm above her shoulder without difficulty or pain.

It is truly amazing to see God work miracles.  Fiordeliza was so thankful and full of joy.  She went from tears to smiles in minutes.  She told Barb that her sister lived very near to Barb on the South coast.  She asked Barb to get in touch with her sister and share the love of Jesus with her.  From the people there that day, we were able to cover the cost of her trip and the casket, but her true need was met by Jesus.  As she left she was still sad about her father, but she was praising Jesus and found joy in this difficult time.

I thank God every day that I have the privilege to share His love with His beautiful people here.  Times like this make me realize that God can use even mundane tasks, like cleaning the depot, for His kingdom.  I will never look at this type of job the same way.  Look for opportunities to share Jesus’ love even in the boring tasks of life.  You just might get to witness a miracle.

–          Renee

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  1. Matthew Says:

    WOW! What a wonderful testimony. I’m so glad to hear of the great things God is doing for y’all, especially when things get tough and some task do seem mundane. I’ve been thinking more about y’all the last couple weeks for some reason. I had a dream about Chantz last night. There was knock at my door and I opened to find a few friends coming just to visit. As I hugged who I thought was the last one, I looked up and shouted, “Chantz”. He looked like a movie star. He had a five o’clock shadow covering his face and longer hair like someone from the islands. We just laughed real hard and gave a big hug and that was it. We miss y’all.

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