First Week in the Dominican Republic

Our first week in the Dominican Republic is behind us and it had its ups and downs. We are thrilled to be home and doing the work that God has called us to. Living in a third world country has its challenges but we also feel blessed to live here. We thought we would update you on what has been going on with us.

The week started off weird because me ears were so stopped up from my sinus infection and flying that I could barely hear people talking to me and had no clue how loud or quite I was talking. We were all really tired after all of the events leading up to leaving and then our 3 hours of sleep the night before we left. Thank God everyone is now healthy and rested and this week so far has proved to be much more productive.

We thought we had a house lined up before leaving the States but that did not work out so we have been house hunting. Honestly we have had a difficult time finding a house that we can afford that has the size we need for homeschooling. This is the high time for tourism so homeowners do not want to sign people to long term leases. Today though we caught a break and found a great house. It is more than we budgeted for but is the least expensive house in any size we have been able to find. We are blessed that it is in a neighborhood that has 24 hour security and a backup generator. Theft is a huge issue here and because of the rolling blackouts the power is out for anywhere from 6 – 10 hours a day.

We have also been car shopping. This too has been a frustrating experience as prices have gone up since we were last here…and they were expensive then. Basically, if you have $12k – $15k you have a pretty nice range of cars to choose from in the 2002 and 2003 years. I know that seems crazy to think about in the states but everything has to be shipped in here. If you have $8k to spend like we were wanting then we found your pool of cars becomes very small and most of them are not in good condition. Now understand, we didn’t care what the car looked like, but since this will be our car long term, we needed something that runs well. After looking through a ton of ads and driving a whole day to go to Moca and Santiago we found a car today. It is a little more than we wanted to pay at $9k and needs new tires but seems to be mechanically sound. We had a mechanic that we knew from living here before look at it and he was satisfied. Oh yeah, it is a Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Oh and the air conditioner works which is nice since that is one of the few times you get to be in the a/c.

We had our first team meeting with the missionaries and it was so great to meet together and talk about God’s work here in the DR. What a great team of people with huge hearts for God and for the lost. We have a team coming in Monday consisting of all pastors and we are really excited about this. We also had a missionary family leave for furlough today so next week will be really busy.

We are meeting tomorrow with the school director for the Colegio Nueva Vida to see about the boys starting school there. It is a Spanish speaking school so we are excited about them making lots of new Dominican friends and their Spanish coming along quickly. They are both excited and nervous. Renee is planning to continue to homeschool as well, but it will depend on the classes available at school as to how much will be done at home.

Friday was a great night since we attended our large Spanish Church service. It was wonderful to be surrounded by our Dominican friends and worshiping God together. There have been opportunities amid all the settling in to go to some of the villages and visit with old friends. Visiting Poly Clinica gave us the oportunity to visit our “adopted daughter”, Romerlin. She is growing up so fast and we have missed her very much. She ran up to us and gave us a great big hug in spite of being very sick. Tomorrow night is Bible study for the largest Spanish church and once again we look forward to seeing everyone and spending time together in Worship.

Again, we are so glad to be back in the DR doing the work God has called us to. Thank you to all of our partners out there in both prayer and finances for your part in being His hands and feet.

In Christ,
The Cutts

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