Exciting Month in the Dominican Republic

We are a little over a month back in the DR and it has been an exciting time for Go MAD Ministries. Let me see if I can catch you up on all that we have been doing.

We made a trip to Santo Domingo in the first week were back to meet with a visiting team from Nebraska. While there Renee was able to make a trip to Ikea to purchase some decorating items for the dress shop. When we got back in Sosua it was time to begin the remodel. Very quickly into the remodel it was discovered that we had a large hive of honey bees in one of the walls. So at first I thought I could just take care of them myself, but after about 1 minute I decided it was time to call a professional. This set us back three days but then the bees were gone and we could start moving forward. We had a new window built and installed, ceiling repairs done, new flooring put down upstairs, painted all the windows and doors, hung a few things on the walls, etc. We are currently having racks built which should be done on March 1st. Our hangers should arrive from the U.S. on March 2nd which will give us time to make our opening date of March 7th.

We made another trip to Santo Domingo and then to San Pedro during February. This was a wonderful trip in which we got to visit with a terrific group of young people that we had met in Sosua the week before, this story is coming in a bit. Renee made another trip to Ikea and Jumbo to pick up some last little things for the shop. Our main purpose of this trip was to pick up 122 beautiful dresses that were donated from a ministry on the south side of the island. What a tremendous blessing this was for Oasis.

bands-1024x768_0Now the rock bands! We were really blessed to be asked to host two christian rock bands from Santo Domingo that came to Sosua to play at the surf competition put on by Christian Surfers International. The bands are Adversa and Puerto 108. It was a HUGE blessing for us as a family to get the opportunity to spend time with these guys. They are a very special group of young people that God has brought together. They love God and they love music and it shows. They are hugely gifted musicians that seek to draw youth to God by rockin’ out for His glory.

img_0074-1024x768 We also recently made a trip to the Haiti border at Dajabon to transport a family with their six  month old baby and an American nurse to Santiago. This was a really cool story of three different  ministries all working together to get a baby the heart surgery it needed to survive. All kinds of  things happened with this trip including our car breaking down very late afternoon the day before  we were set to leave and us scrambling to find a car to rent. During this time of year people do not  like to rent cars for only one day because it is high season for tourism. We ended up with an old  Nissan Sentra that some how held together for the trip. It ended up being about 10 hours of driving and all kinds of adventures but the only thing that mattered was that mother, father, baby and nurse were delivered safely to the hospital and the baby is doing well today.

Renee has been working hard on the business side of the Oasis Dress Shop as well. She has had to get an inventory and rental system put into place, design a sign, figure out the layout of the store, decorate, etc. The boys chipped in helping her take pictures of all 210 dresses that we currently have.

I have been busy on the business side of the ministry as well hiring a lawyer and accountant, learning the labor and tax laws and meeting with local pastors. On the U.S. side I am excited to announce that Go MAD Ministries now has it’s board of directors in place. Thank you to Pastors Chris and Melissa Pena, Orlando and Spring Castillo and Kenneth and Sue Kerby for your willingness to serve. Renee and I will of course serve on the board as well.

Well that about wraps up February. It certainly has been exciting here in the Dominican Republic. I can’t wait to see what March holds for Go MAD Ministries.

– Chantz


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