Enjoying the Journey

I have never been one to enjoy a journey.  I have always been more about arriving at the destination.  This is one reason that I have never liked long days of travel.  It just always felt to me that from the time I left until I arrived was just a waste of time.  I am the same with getting things done.  When I have a list or goals in front of me it is simply about accomplishing those things and not about the process of accomplishing those things.  In other words, I don’t care nearly as much about how I get them done just so long as I get them done.

In fact, I remember having a conversation about this very thing one time during a haircut.  I used to travel for business a lot and one of those times when I was on the road I was in need of a haircut.  Being in a city I didn’t know I decided to just go to the mall to get my hair cut.  I didn’t realize the price of getting your hair cut at a mall salon and I have not gotten my hair cut at one since.  The guy cutting my hair asked me if the place I normally got it cut used clippers.  I told him they did and he said that he could tell by looking at my hair.  Then he launched into this whole long speech about how bad that was for my hair and how scissors were better and he even used small scissors to make more cuts blah…blah…blah.  I remember telling him, “look I don’t care how it gets cut as long as I like the way it looks when it’s done.”  Then came another whole speech about how important the process was blah…blah…blah.  That was probably 15 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.  I guess because it was such a perfect picture of two people looking at the same process so differently.  I was all about the results but the guy cutting my hair found beauty in the process.   I think I have come to realize that the guy cutting my hair was right.

A couple of weeks ago I was riding my motorcycle into town and for some reason I was driving slowly.  I don’t do that very often because again the traveling part is a waste of time, or so I thought.  Suddenly I found myself looking around some and noticing how beautiful the day was.  I started to think about how blessed we are by God’s beautiful creation.  I found myself enjoying the drive in and feeling such joy.  I decided this was no accident and started praying asking God what He was trying to tell me.  And it hit me; you have to enjoy the journey.  I completely believe that God was showing me in that moment that it is important to take time and enjoy the journey that I am on.

I don’t know about you but I get so wrapped up in thinking about what I need to get done and making and completing list that I forget that I am on a great journey.  While I do believe it is important to be diligent about our work and in doing so we honor God, I also believe that if we do so at the sacrifice of growing, learning and enjoying the journey then we miss out on so much of what God has for us.  The Bible talks often about us being transformed.  It is this transformation that is our journey.  Unlike the caterpillar that goes into a cocoon to sleep and awakes as a butterfly we get to live through our transformation and isn’t that a wonderful blessing of God’s grace.

Enjoy your journey.  You only get one.

– Chantz


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  1. Cherie Leighton Says:

    I love this article!! It is sooo true! I think my Dad was the best example of this for me….

    I spent many hours at work with him and waiting on him while he enjoyed visiting with his customers…He even enjoyed watching a spider weave its web…

    He loved every part of life!! Guess that’s why he lived 94 years:)!!

    I try more and more to do the same. It is so awesome that you are realizing this at such a young age…

    Love you all and send blessings and love to you!!


  2. Alisa Brown Says:

    Beautiful! And so true!

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