Cultural Differences

In moving back to the Dominican Republic we have had to readjust to several of the differences between living in the U.S. and living here. No air conditioner, lizards and worms in the house, language, lack of rules on driving, having a 5 gallon water heater you have to turn on as needed and the food to name a few. As I write this the daytime temp is in the mid 80’s with a cool breeze so the lack of A/C is no problem. A few nights ago our fan quit working when it caught fire and the overnight temp was in the mid 80’s with no breeze and that was a problem.

The lizards, worms and other creepy crawlies that go in and out of the house with freedom are really not an issue. You get used to them pretty quickly and they really don’t bother us. In fact, we have a new batch of baby lizards living in the house that are really cute. Driving is kinda like playing a video game so I have fun with that one.

While adjusting to living in a foreign culture can be challenging it is also a great growth opportunity and fun. It is something everyone should experience.

– Chantz Cutts

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