Beautiful Creations

The life of a prostitute is a life of shame and desperation.  These women see no hope to change their lives because they feel trapped with very little education but a family to feed.  There aren’t many options.  How can they change their lives, hold their heads up high and be proud of who they are?  How can they see that they are a beautiful creation?  Without help this will never happen.

That is exactly what the Oasis ministry strives to do.  Oasis will provide the ladies with a new form of employment.  Oasis Dress boutique will employ the former prostitutes and will teach them a new trade.  These ladies will learn how to sew so that they will be able to sew for their families and have a skill to earn a living.  Basic business skills will also be taught as they will eventually run the shop fully.  The profits from the Oasis dress shop will help fund the safe house and provide the ladies and their children with money for their education.  This is a self sustaining ministry and will continue to support the ladies that work here for the years it takes for them to become strong, independent Christian women.

dress-shop-06Oasis is collecting dresses to stock our dress rental boutique.  If you have gently used formals, wedding gowns, bride’s maid dresses, and men’s suits, we would love for you to donate them.  This will keep our costs down and help us employee these ladies.  We are asking for you to give your best and most beautiful for these ladies.  We want those who rent these gowns and suits to feel wonderful for their special occasion.  Through Oasis, we also desire for the ladies who work there to see that they are valuable as one of God’s most beautiful creations.

– Renee


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