Back in the Beautiful DR

It’s good to be back. The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy since we have returned from our furlough in the States. We left Newark, NJ where it was freezing with ice and snow and landed in warm sunny weather. So thankful that God called us to this warm country and not to somewhere up North.

Our focus right now is getting the Oasis dress shop up and running. We are finishing the remodel and are having racks made. Our goal for the opening, is the first part of March. Before long all we will need are dresses, and we will be ready to open.

The end of last week, we spent two days in the Capital speaking and sharing about Oasis with a group from a church in Nebraska. While in Santo Domingo we were able to pick up some much needed supplies for the shop. Let me tell you, the Capital is a different world from Sosua! They even have IKEA.

The best thing to happen in the last two weeks is that several of the ladies we hope to help with this ministry, accepted Jesus as Lord of their lives! We are praising God for this and are so excited to work alongside them to share about Jesus and teach them of His grace and love. We are so blessed to be here in this beautiful country. All I can say is… it’s great to be home!

– Renee


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  1. Jodi Mueller Says:

    Would it be possible to have the first names of the ladies that received the Lord, so that I can be praying for them?

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