A Life of Significance

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Are you living a life of significance? Are you striving to be more than you are today? Are you living for a cause that is much bigger than you are? If not, you need to be!

You need to be involved in something so much bigger than you, that you are constantly overwhelmed and in need of God’s help. That is where Renee and I found ourselves when we started Go MAD, and that is where we find ourselves today. I feel like I have gotten to do some pretty cool things in my life, but nothing compares to constantly pushing the envelope for God to the point of complete reliance on God to pull it off.

For me, Go MAD is more than the name of a ministry. It is a state of mind. It is making the decision to be different than the majority of people in the world. It is about being able to say on your death bed, “No regrets baby, because I left it all on the field. I finished the race.”

I love the story of Nehemiah. If you have never read the book of Nehemiah, I would encourage you to do so. He was a passionate, “all-in” type of leader. God placed a burden in his heart so powerful, that it drove him to his knees in grief. I see this happen to people all the time, but it was what he did next that was most important. After Nehemiah went to his knees weeping and praying, he stood up and took action. Many people’s hearts break for the injustices of the world, but few stand up and take action. God is looking for people willing to open their hearts to be broken for those things that breaks His, and for those people that will then stand and take action.

If you do not have anything in your life like that yet, let me invite you to join our passionate cause, to Go MAD with us, and be part of a movement that is making a difference in lives. You can click HERE for more information on getting involved. I can say with 100% confidence that no matter your background, giftings, talents or skills, we could use your help. It might even be in a way that you have not yet considered.

If I can help you in any way to live a life of significance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly HERE.

-Chantz Cutts, Executive Director

New School Building

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DSC001543A wise mentor of mine once told me, “Comfort is the enemy of progress.” The older I get, the more I find truth in this statement. When we’re comfortable, we don’t really look for alternatives to make things better. We don’t want to go through learning curves and put in the effort of growing. There’s this verse in Deuteronomy 1:6 where I feel like God was telling this to his chosen people. They’d been escaping Egypt and wondering around for over 40 years, and the time had come to go in and take the land the Lord had prepared for them. But they were comfortable. You see, they’d set up camp in Horeb and were waiting for the right time to go down. But God never intended for them to settle down. He wanted them to go in and take what was rightfully theirs. Here in this verse, God tells them, “You have stayed at this mountain long enough, turn and set your journey.” God knew that if they got too comfortable, they’d never fulfill his wonderful plan for them.

One of the things I love about our Go MAD team is that my teammates are constantly looking for ways to get out of their comfort zone and seek progress. In my short time with this crew, we have seen so much growth in our little community of Islabon/Canta de Rana. It’s been incredible to watch.

In case you didn’t know, due to circumstances beyond Go MAD’s control, we were forced to move our entire project for the Islabon area into a new location. This can be such a burden and stress. You’re not only shifting a lot of stuff around, but you’re asking the community to re-familiarize. You have new neighbors. The kids have to find alternate transportation at times to make the new trek to school. It can be draining. To make matters even worse, just weeks after the big move the entire property flooded and was covered in about a foot of mud. Not only did things get ruined, it left a huge mess behind.

It’s times like this where God shows out and delivers. We had four amazing teams come down to help us. I can’t put into words how encouraging it was to meet complete strangers who are willing to put in so much time and energy and help turn this new Go MAD property into a home for our ministry! These fellow Christians share the same love of our risen Savior and have a desire to serve others. Things progressed so quickly, it’s hard to believe I’ve only been working in this community for 3 months!

When Callie and I began working here in late January, the school was meeting in the small apartment on the property. There were so many electricity problems that the school had been functioning without it for weeks. The clinic was closed due to flood damage, the buildings were bright pink (we could have easily passed as a product endorsement for Pepto-Bismol), the water pump didn’t work to bring water into the property, the school building was in shambles, and there was a huge mess left behind from the mud and the flood!

DSC001573Well not anymore!! Our property is clean as a whistle! The electricity is working great. The water works fine, the buildings are beautiful and newly painted, our clinic is up and running and our school building is finished! That’s right, we were able to meet in our new school building this week! We re-purposed some things that got ruined in the flood and made desks, chalk boards, and curtains. We have a new roof and floor! And thanks to some awesome team members, it’s beautifully painted and the kids even have a new playground! It’s been absolutely amazing to watch it all come together!

Our staff is so grateful to all of you that came down and put in the sweat to make all of these dreams a reality. By having everything cleaned out and functioning, it gives us the opportunity to not get comfortable, but use this property to its potential. Starting next week, we’ll be having bible studies at our house 3 times a week. Two devotionals will be for the local kids in the community, and one will be for the women. We’re excited to see what God has in store.

Are you sitting on Mount Horeb waiting for an opportunity to go into the promise God has for you? “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

You’ve been on this mountain long enough, Go Make A Difference!

– Bonnie Smith, Community Coordinator

New Clinic Open

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IMG_08063The closest free medical clinic for the families living in Caraballo and Ascension is 4 miles away in the town of Montelleno. Transportation is expensive, and with families already struggling to get through each day, medical is something that families just can’t afford to get to, and medication is near impossible to buy.

It has been 4 years since Caraballo and Ascension have received proper consistent medical care. Over these years I have seen children struggle with infections, common colds and fungus issues.  As well as Seniors struggling daily with high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes. For you and I these issues are easily manageable, but families living in this area simply do not have the means to go to the hospital or purchase the medication.

I am so excited that we now have a weekly Medical Clinic for the people of Ascension and Caraballo. It is amazing to already see the change in the community in just 4 short months. David is a 7-year-old boy who had suffered with a hernia for 3 years. Nurse Ana was able to connect us to a surgeon, so after suffering for years, little David is no longer in pain and his parents are so thankful. Jeanne is a senior who has struggled with high blood pressure and asthma.  Rarely did she have a day where she was not suffering. Today Jeanne is excited and looks forward to Tuesday’s medical clinics. She is no longer suffering and her smile is amazing.

Dr. Katz is a fantastic doctor who spends time with each patient, listening and caring for their needs.  Dr. Katz checks all the babies monthly to make sure they are healthy and growing. Nurse Ana is amazing. Not only does she get everything ready for the patients to meet with the doctor, but while they are waiting, she takes time to educate the patients and parents on their health care and the care of their children.

I want to thank everyone involved in bringing medical care to Ascension and Caraballo. You are making a difference in people’s lives.

– Megan Ratnam, Country Director