Rain Rain Go Away

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15032746_1321660144534195_4102111859687757121_nThe North Coast of the Dominican Republic has been hit with massive flooding during the month of November. Now while you usually hear of a particular day when there is talk of flooding, this has literally been all throughout the month of November. I do not believe that there was a 24 period through the whole month that did not receive at least some rain. This has had us saying, “rain rain go away, come again another day…no another month”.

Now flooding that brings feet, not inches but feet, of muddy water into people’s homes and businesses is always going to be very difficult. When you are talking about people that have very little to start with, and make very little money, it is devastating. We are working to provide assistance as we can in the form of temporary housing, food, medical treatment and emotional comfort.

We as a ministry were also hit by the flooding with two of our properties receiving damage. One was severe and cost us thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies. Having to replace so much while at the same time trying to help those in need is taking a toll on Go MAD’s finances. While we always do our best to have operational reserves, this is going well beyond this amount.

15069135_1326629084037301_6937455223862848117_oAs always, we do what we can with what we have. If you would consider making a special donation to assist with the flood relief efforts we would appreciate it. You can do so by clicking here and choosing “where needed most” from the drop down box. We would also ask that you pray for those affected and pray for our staff as they attempt to comfort so many that are hurting during this time.

Growing and Changing

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15068381_1324023437631199_8071619311844424729_oIt has been said that if you are not changing, you are not growing. I believe this to be true. To grow personally we must continually, seek to learn, challenge our beliefs, stretch our abilities, analyze how we do things, etc. In other words, we must be in a continual state of change.

I also believe this to be true for us as an organization. If we are not continuing to change by continuing to refine how we do things, by continuing to challenge our beliefs in how best to serve, by continuing to listen to ideas and learn, then we are not growing. If we are not growing as an organization, then we are not improving our ability to serve those in need. Go MAD does however want to always look for ways to improve on our ability to serve, therefore you will see several announcements over the coming months of changes that are driving growth.

Today, I am very excited to share two with you. The move of Megan Ratnam from Community Coordinator to Country Director and the additions of Bonnie Smith and Callie Clyde as Community Coordinators.

Megan is originally from Ontario, Canada, but has been living, along with her husband Travis, in the Dominican Republic since 2011. She has a BA from The University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Divinity from McMaster Divinity College. Megan has spent the last year serving with Go MAD as our Community Coordinator for the village of Ascension. She has done an amazing job there and we look forward to her expanding that work into the other communities that we serve.
14947563_953818095239_1490816777708984904_nBonnie is originally from Alabama and Callie is from Texas. Both have been living and serving in Cabrera in the Dominican Republic. Bonnie received her BA from Freed-Hardeman University and has a strong background in marketing and business. Callie graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Elementary Education and has been serving as a teacher here in the DR. They both have hearts for serving and mentoring others.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements over the coming weeks as we prepare for 2017. Remember, if you are not changing, you are not growing.

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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12366068_1070352702998275_5650133007375754461_oWe are entering the Christmas season with trees going up and gifts being purchased for loved ones. Churches are planning their Christmas services and kids are practicing for their pagents. It is a busy month but one most of us look forward too, the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

As you budget for your Christmas spending, would you consider giving joy to a child in the Dominican Republic? The children we serve live in some of the most impoverished villages in the Dominican Republic, and the gift they get from you will most likely be the only one they receive this Christmas. You can show them the joy of Jesus!

The gift will include a stuffed animal, puzzle, coloring book, toys, school supplies, hygiene items, and even a small Christmas tree for the family to enjoy! Your gift of $20 will let a child and their family know that someone loves them. This also allows us to share how much Jesus loves them.

Let’s work together this year to share the joy of Jesus birth with these kids and their families and make Him know through this land! During this season of giving, please give generously. The smile of a child receiving an unexpected gift is a representation of God’s gift to us. Please help us share this gift and bring joy to a boy or girl here in the Sosua area.

You can give by clicking HERE and choosing Children’s Education fund from drop down box.

God bless you for your gift and Merry Christmas!