A New Children’s Center

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dsc_7022We are excited to announce that Go MAD Ministries will be opening a new Children’s Center!  This center will be located in the village of Esperanza.  We are working through the summer to renovate the building with plans of opening in August.  We will begin with a children’s medical clinic.  We are thankful to the Samaritan Foundation for allowing us to use their building to serve the community.

The village of Esperanza is made up primarily of Haitian families that came to work in the sugar cane fields.  When the company that they came to work for pulled out of the area they were left to try and find whatever work they could.  Over time an entire village of shanties built up around the abandoned worker’s quarters.  The Samaritan Foundation over time built a wonderful community of solid good houses and moved the families over to those.  They even built an elementary school, church and the building we will be using for a medical clinic.

This is a very remote village and the road leading to it is in bad shape.  In fact, the first time we went there we broke the front end on our car making it so we could no longer turn the wheels.  We had to pay a mechanic to come up and fix it on the road.  That wasn’t cheap!  If you live in this village you either have to walk an hour plus to the main road or pay 50 pesos for a motorcycle to take you.  That is only one way and is just to get to the main road.  Then you have to get transportation from there.  That means if a parent has a sick child it will cost them almost a day’s wage in most cases just to get to the doctor.  This is before paying for any tests they might need or medicine.  This is why the clinic is so important for this village.

We want to thank all of you that contribute to the work that God MAD is doing.  We would not be able to reach out in love to a village like Esperanza without your support.  The best part comes when we get to share with them why someone so far a way would contribute their resources to help someone they don’t know and probably will never meet.  We are blessed to be able to meet the medical needs of the children of the village and excited to share with the children and their parents about the love of Jesus Christ.

– Chantz


A Different Path

Friday, June 12th, 2015 and is filed under Uncategorized

j_pictureI would like to take a moment to tell you about a woman I will call “J”.  She is the mother of two teenage daughters and a business owner.  She is a seamstress and makes beautiful clothing and custom home furnishings for people.  “J” is married to a Christian Pastor and they work together ministering to women who work in the sex trade in Puerto Plata.  This is “J”’s story now, but this has not always been her path.

You see, “J” was one of nine sisters in her family.  She was forced into the sex trade as a teenage girl along with all of her sisters.  This path was not one of her choosing but she continued in this trade into adulthood because it was all she knew.

Once she had children, she continued this cycle and sold her daughters virginity, as they became teenagers.  And so it continued and the daughters had to drop out of school and lost their hope for anything better.  It is through these girls that we met “J”.

“J”’s two daughters came to interview for the Oasis program.  During the interview, when asked what she dream job was, she stated that she desired to do anything but work the streets.  These girls had no hope but desired for more.  They both came to know the Lord during their time in the Oasis program and decided to go back to school and use the tools and skills they were taught in the program to earn an income with dignity.  “J” attended their graduation.  She was crying and begged to come into the program and said, “I don’t know what has happened to my daughters but I see the change in their lives and I want it.”

“J” entered the next class of the Oasis program and worked very hard.  She accepted Christ early on and began attending a Church in Puerto Plata and joined the choir.  Her spiritual transformation was beautiful and her outward appearance changed as well.  She looked fifteen years younger and was never seen without a smile.  Upon her graduation from the Oasis program, her pastor attended the ceremony.

“J”’s direction changed and she was able to choose a different path.  She is now ministering to the women who were once her peers.  Several of her sisters have now come to know Jesus as Lord and are working in jobs in which they can be proud.  “J” is using the skills learned in the Oasis program to run her business and the love she found in Jesus has allowed her to share her life with a man of God.

“J”’s life has been transformed by God through the Oasis program.  Working together, Go MAD Ministries and our supporters are making a difference! God has called us to this work and he has called you to help fund this program.  Together we are making a difference in the lives of women, children, their families and friends.  As we seek to expand the Oasis program this year, please consider committing to a monthly contribution.  We believe that God has called us to expand into each of our communities with the Oasis program and we will need an expanded budget to reach the women in these four areas.  It takes us all working together to make this happen but look at the results.  Lives, families, and generations are being transformed for Jesus!

– Renee