New Construction

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We are so excited to announce that construction has begun on Go MAD’s Firm Foundation Children’s Center in the village of Munoz.  Like our children’s center in Islabon, this center will house a medical clinic, classrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.  It will serve as a mentoring center as well as providing for educational and health needs for children in the area.  This project is a wonderful example of foreign and local ministries working together to bring the gospel, economic development and sustainable training and education to a community.

This is a joint effort between Go MAD and Pastor Ricardo Bautista the senior pastor at Iglesia Cristiana Reformada in Munoz and head of the not-for-profit Luz Por La Vida.  The center is being built on land that was purchased several years ago through the efforts of Nicole Lafrance of Ottawa, Canada specifically for the purpose of education and development in the area.  Nicole said that when she purchased the land she did not know God’s exact plans for it, but knew that it was meant to be used for His purpose and that He would bring everything together in His time.  When we met together to talk about the possibility of Go MAD building a children’s center, she was full of excitement at the shared vision God had given to the three ministries.

Our desire is to bring hope and opportunity to this community through this property and the long term plan.  This children’s center is phase 1 of a larger plan that the three ministries believe God has for this land.  Next will be an education center where we can have adult education, Bible studies and job training take place.   These efforts are all being done to share the love of Christ and fight human exploitation.  When people understand that God created them for a special purpose it gives them an unshakable confidence and strength.  Education and training give them options.  This is a combination that allows them to stand up against those that would seek to exploit them.  We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Pastor Ricardo and his church to reach out and serve the community of Munoz and fulfill God’s plan for this land.

If you would like to contribute to the construction of this center visit:

and choose Munoz Children’s Center in the designation drop down box.

– Chantz

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The Blessing of Mission Teams

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dsc_1171Go MAD Ministries is a fully functioning year round ministry with several full-time missionaries working with us.  Even with our full-time volunteer missionaries and paid staff of nationals, we still have many projects that we struggle to get done due to the lack of hours in the day.  Go MAD Ministries has been greatly blessed this year by several short-term mission teams.  These teams have been an answer to prayer because they have helped to complete projects and have a tremendous impact in our communities.

Our teams have come in so prepared to work and serve alongside Go MAD.  We have completed a number of work projects with the different teams.  One team completely built a new playground for our Children’s Center in Islabon.  The kids have such a wonderful time at recess now.  Another team painted one of the Churches where we have a school and installed ceiling fans.  This has been on our list of things to do for a couple of years and it not only blesses our students, but the entire congregation and community. This team also built new cabinets in our medical center and painted the kitchen which adds to the function of the facility and makes serving our patients easier.  A few of our other teams have helped with painting at our Islabon Children’s Center and even taken down cinderblock walls with sledge hammers for us to make new walkways.  The improvement of these facilities allow us to better serve our communities and reach out with the love of Jesus to larger numbers of people in different ways.

We have been able to bless all of our communities with Vacation Bible Schools with our visiting teams this year.  Several children have accepted Jesus as their Savior due to the hard work and preparation of our teams.  The kids have learned about who they are in Christ and that they are loved and are precious.  The continual reinforcement of this message helps the children fight back against being exploited as they get older.  They understand that they were created for something greater than that!  Having teams travel across the ocean to serve them and share with them gives them understanding that they are loved and valued.

Many of our teams go door to door sharing with people in our communities.  They have spent time in their homes praying with people for needs, sharing favorite scriptures to encourage and ultimately sharing Jesus’ love through the Gospel.  When hundreds go out to share over several months, the impact is much greater and many more can be visited than by just the few of us here full-time.  We at Go MAD are so thankful for the love that has been shown to the communities that we love and serve in every day.

Mission teams are such a blessing when they come down prepared to serve God and serve others.  Lives are touched and hearts are changed.  Physical changes are made to our facilities, but emotional changes happen in the hearts and lives of the people here, and also to those on the mission teams.  The encouragement and energy they bring down fills up the long term missionaries and the prayers keep us energized as we continue to harvest the seeds planted by the teams.

If you are interested in joining us for a short term trip, we would love to host your team.  Please contact us at:

– Renee


The Power of Prayer

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Every Wednesday, we have an outreach to the women working the streets of Sosua.  Many of these women and young girls have been forced into this life and now feel they have no other option.  Our outreach is there to show them the value that Christ placed on them and that He gave his life for them.  This blog isn’t specifically about our outreach, but a result of our outreach and prayer. If you would like to learn more about our outreach, here is a blog about that.

At every outreach we pray against the darkness on the street and ask for the light of Jesus to shine and free the women from the exploitation in which they live.  The Church in which we hold the outreach, Iglesia De Dios, is across the street from one of the largest brothels in the town.  Each night the women of the church would pray for the women forced to work there and all down the strip.  By the power of Jesus, both of the large Brothels on this street have been closed due to trafficking of minors.  There is amazing power in prayer!

Every time we have short term team travel to come serve with Go MAD, we have a night of prayer walk.  This time is not to evangelize, but a time of silent prayer for the women and children forced to work on this street.  It is a time to pray for their freedom from sexual exploitation and for this street to be free from the darkness and oppression.  We have now seen several of the bars closed for sex trafficking of minors and we feel that if we are faithful to pray, Sosua can be free from the label of a sex tourist destination and the women and girls can be free to understand who Christ created them to be.

Please join us in prayer for Sosua and for the women and girls to find the freedom that can only be found in Jesus.  We know that their lives can be radically transformed because we have seen it over and over again.  Pray for the members of Iglesia De Dios who work every week to reach out to these women with the Love of Jesus.  If you could also lift up the Go MAD team in prayer as we continue to fight against exploitation here in the Dominican Republic.

We are seeing changes take place here in the Dominican Republic.  Bars and Brothels are closing due to human trafficking.  There is now a Dominican national task force in place to fight against trafficking and there was recently a seminar in Santiago on human trafficking.  People here are becoming aware and are ready and willing to fight.  Will you join us in this fight through support and prayer?

– Renee