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Last summer, Go MAD had the privilege to make a stop by the police station here in Sosua while we had a mission team serving for a week.  We were able to pray over the police station and pray over the police and their leaders.  It was a wonderful time and began a now long-standing relationship between Go MAD and the police, as we partner with local pastors to pray at the station every morning.

Because of this relationship, we had the opportunity to meet at the station last month and show the movie Courageous.  This was an amazing time to pour into the lives of these men whose job it is to protect and serve.  The officers watched and were moved by this movie.  Many of them made decisions to follow Jesus and lead their households in the ways of our Lord.

Besides this being important for themselves and their families, this can have a great impact on Sosua.  This area has high crime and corruption is rampant.  If these officers are convicted to follow Jesus, then the impact can be far reaching in this area.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve these servants and are grateful for their decisions to be men of integrity and follow Jesus.  Please continue to lift them in Prayer as they deal with difficult situations daily, and that they would resist temptation to take the easy way and turn a blind eye to the corruption they are faced with so often.

– Chantz


Baseball Ministry

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There are several things that Dominicans are known for, but baseball might be at the top of the list.  It is their most beloved sport and kids can be seen playing baseball in most every community.  If the kids are without equipment, every stick can be used as a bat and anything that can be wadded or crumpled can be used as a ball.  They love the game and the competition is always fierce.  What better way to reach kids than through something they love?  This began the idea of starting a baseball and softball ministry.

Thanks to the generosity of a few individuals from the United States, we were given baseball and softball equipment and Go MAD launched the baseball ministry in the village of Munoz.  One of our missionaries, Brian Bland, and his son Mario, head up the baseball ministry.  They go out to the village every Saturday morning and teach the kids to play the game.  Even though baseball is the favorite sport of the Dominican Republic, most of the kids in Munoz are of Haitian decent and soccer is their sport of choice.  The kids have responded well to learning baseball and really enjoy the time spent with the Bland family.











One week a group of large teenage boys traveled from the neighboring city of Puerto Plata to get a chance to learn more about the game and they are always looking for an opportunity to play ball.  This happened to be a very rainy Saturday so Brian had a lot of time to spend sharing about Jesus and being a winner with Christ.  God is so good to bring the rain on a day when around 40 boys were in attendance.  What a great blessing to sew into the lives of the youth of this country through a game, and give them eternity with someone they will love more than the game of baseball,  Jesus.

– Renee