Welcome to 2014

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Happy New Year!

We are launching into this New Year with excitement for what God has planned, and we are really glad that you are launching into it with us.

This past year you made it possible for us to bring the hope of a better future to so many suffering in exploitation.  You also allowed for us to protect children at risk of exploitation by giving them the gift of opportunity.  Kids like Frailin who was 12 years old and had no birth certificate.  Without a birth certificate, not only would Frailin’s education end after the 7th grade, but he would never be able to receive the legal documentation needed in the Dominican Republic to do many essential things including getting a job and voting.  With your help however, Go MAD was able to provide financial assistance and walk with Frailin’s parents through the process of getting his documentation.   Now, not only will Frailin be able to attend high school and even college, but also he will have a voice in his country through his ability to vote.  This is only one example, of how your support, has forever changed a life.

As we move into 2014, we are looking at new ways that we can positively impact the lives of the exploited and their communities.  We will need your help, as well as the help of others, to be successful.

If you currently give financially to Go MAD, I thank you and would ask for two things.  First, that you will continue your support through 2014.  Second, that you would share the work that Go MAD is doing with one other person that you believe might be willing to contribute.

If you follow the work that Go MAD is doing but have not signed up to be a financial supporter to this point, I would ask that you consider doing that today.  Signing up for a monthly contribution helps us budget properly and allows us to plan for the future.

Signing up is quick, secure and easy.   Just click on Make A Donation here or on the front page of the Go MAD website at www.GoMADMinistries.org .

Thank you for walking with us in 2013.  Now, let’s run into 2014.

*Be on the lookout for our new and improved quarterly newsletter coming in March.

– Chantz

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