The Joy of Christmas

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It’s that time of year again, lights going up, trees decorating our homes and trips to the stores for gifts that we will wrap for family and friends.  Some will have a white Christmas and some will celebrate in the warm sun but no matter the weather, this is a season to rejoice in the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We too, are in this wonderful season here in the Dominican Republic.  The Christmas season begins here around the first part of October and runs until after Three Kings Day in January.  Even though it is warm, the festive mood has begun with fruit stands popping up with apples and grapes to enjoy.

img_0033As many of you know, Go MAD Ministries has two education centers through our Firm Foundation Children’s ministry.  We help educate children that are impoverished and at risk for exploitation.  We desire at Go MAD to provide each student a Christmas gift through the education centers.  Many of these children have never seen the type of stores where you will be shopping this season and can’t even dream of the decorated home and tree that you will celebrate around this year.  With your help, we can provide them with the joy of receiving a gift that will bring the warmth of your home to them.  Just this small gift will bring such joy and will open up the dialogue to share with them about the gift God sent us, Jesus.

Firm Foundation has a total of 140 students in the two village education centers.  For only $10.00 you can provide a gift for a child in one of these villages.  Please consider partnering with us at Go MAD to bring a smile to a child and the joy of Christmas through this gift.  If you would like to donate please go to:

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Renee Cutts

Warriors in the Battle

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We had our monthly Go MAD Leadership Team meeting last week and I sat in awe as each volunteer shared what he or she had been doing in his or her area of ministry for the month of October.  God has truly blessed Go MAD with an amazing group of missionaries that have huge hearts for the oppressed and exploited.  I want to share with you just a few of the wonderful things that these warriors are doing.

ladies-outreachAdeline oversees Oasis, which is Go MAD’s women’s ministry.  The ladies that she works with on a daily basis do not trust easily.  They certainly will not trust someone that they do not know well, and even then it can be tough to break through the walls they put up.  This is part of the way they survive in the tough world in which they live and work.  However, because they have seen that Adeline truly cares about them and their futures, she has built a trust with some of the women and they have begun to open up more.  With this she learned some very valuable information this past month about why we have seen such a rise in the number of Haitian women working the streets in Sosua.  She is now contacting ministries in Haiti so that they can arm women there with this information to prevent them from being lured in by these schemes that are being used by traffickers.  She has also started reaching out and building relationships with different ministries in Haiti, so as we help ladies that have been trafficked here get back to Haiti, there is someone there to assist them upon their return.

Luis oversees Go MAD’s Community ministry.  He works, as the name implies, with the local communities primarily through the local pastors.  Luis has been working on an awareness campaign to help families and their children better protect themselves from traffickers.  He has already been working with several pastors in the area and has even met with the Mayor of Sosua about the campaign.  Through his persistence and hard work this past month he spoke about the campaign at two different church association meetings and was invited to speak at the largest high school in the area, the school at the military base and with the soldiers stationed at the base.

Brian oversees all of Go MAD’s properties.  Without someone like Brian here, our ability to serve the exploited would be tremendously hampered.  I will give you a great example.  Our education center in Islabon has a lagoon directly behind it creating a serious issue with mosquitos.  This was an issue for us all of last year and we could not figure out what to do.  We could knock them down for a while, but in a matter of a couple of days they were bad again.  During October it got so bad that they had to cancel classes one day.  Most of the windows in the school are metal louvers with no way to have your typical screens on them.  There is of course no air conditioning in the school, so not opening them is not an option.  Brian came up with a way to build screens that he could mount on the outside wall that would keep the mosquitos out while allowing the windows to be opened.  This created a much safer environment for the children and allows them to focus on learning rather than swatting mosquitos.  This is only one of a very long list on which Brian is currently working.

img_0071Jenny oversees Go MAD’s Firm Foundation Children’s Health Center.  She is currently working on getting our health center where it needs to be from both an administrative and medical standpoint.  In October she also began working on programs for conducting healthcare education classes and providing mobile medical clinics.  Through one of the people that she has met since moving here, she found out about a very remote and poor village that has a small makeshift clinic, but they have had an issue with having doctors and medicine on any kind of regular basis.  Just the transportation to get to the closest medical facility cost more than most of these people make in a day, not to mention the doctor and medicine costs.  She visited the village and began to work with her contact on how we might be able to work together to provide much needed medical care to this village.

Jody is our Operations Manager, overseeing all of the day-to-day operations.  Kind of like Brian, without him, none of the other stuff happens.  This is especially true of a month like October, where I was in the U.S. for a majority of the time.   He had to put out several fires, figuratively speaking, and it was a blessing to know that he was there to do it and I could focus on my time in the States.

While all of this was going on I was in the U.S. primarily to meet with Go MAD’s Board of Directors and participate in Mission’s Emphasis Week at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.   This was a great time to get to connect with many other ministries from around the world and to share about the work of Go MAD.  I was also able to speak in many classes and participate on several different panels at seminars to drive awareness about human exploitation and let college students know what they can do to fight for the exploited.

I sat in awe as I listened to the people above talk about what was happening in each area of ministry, and it struck me that I wished every one of our supporters could have been at that meeting.  Since I couldn’t’ make that happen, I thought maybe I could give you a little insight through a blog.  Now I realize that this blog became rather long, I want to thank those of you that have taken the time to read all the way through it, and that was just the month of October.  I wanted to share with you that there is a team out there working hard every day to fight this battle.  They have committed their lives to it.  I didn’t write it to give them glory or praise.  I wrote it because I want you to know they are giving all they have to fighting human exploitation.

For those of you that are financial supporters of the ministry, we thank you for allowing us to continue to fight for the exploited.  If you are not currently supporting the work of Go MAD financially, we could sure use your help.   You can make a donation by clicking HERE.

– Chantz