STAND against Exploitation Campaign

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This month we held our first ever STAND Against Exploitation Campaign.  The purpose of the STAND was to build awareness about human exploitation and raise funds for prevention and rescue of those who have been exploited.  Why were people willing to do this?  Because there are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today with 2.5 million more trafficked every year.  They were STANDing to bring Hope to the exploited!

We are so thankful to the churches and individuals who joined Go MAD for such an important cause.  They worked tirelessly for 12 hrs to share about the issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Fear didn’t stop them from sharing about these issues and STANDing for those who cannot stand for themselves.  A goal of $10,000 was set for this campaign and to date over $8,000 has been raised.

Go MAD Ministries provided resources to help these warriors share about the battle we are fighting. We set up a website with downloadable information to help with their STAND.  Here are some photos of them sharing information about human exploitation with people who crossed their paths.

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If you would like to be a part of taking a STAND against Exploitation, it is not too late.  Go to to get more information about the campaign and how you can participate.


– Chantz


Welcome Brian and Jenny

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 and is filed under Uncategorized

A little over a month ago we had a wonderful couple and their children join the Go MAD team.  Brian and Jenny Bland moved to the Dominican Republic from LeRoy, Illinois along with their children, Raegan, Maddie, and Mario.   They also have two adult children Tyler and Sydney back in the U.S.  We are so blessed to have them join Go MAD because they bring such important skill sets that help to fill our team.  Jenny and Brian love the Lord and they are very excited to share the good news with those they will encounter here.


Brian is working hard to maintain and repair our facilities and will be heading up our future building projects. The school in Islabon had some repairs needed before school began and his feet barely touched the DR soil before he was out working to get things ready for the kids and the new school year. Jenny is working at our Firm Foundation Children’s Health Center as our administrator and head nurse.  She also has been tossed into work full force since our Doctor needed to leave the country for a month to take care of some business in the U.S.  She has seen patients, and had to deal with some very serious medical issues that are heart breaking.  She has been so loving to each patient and we are so thankful for her heart for these kids and their parents.  You can get to know them better by reading Jenny’s blog:

– Renee