Fighting Back with Education

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To understand why the Dominican Republic has become one of the leading Latin American countries for human exploitation you need look no further than the 2012/2013 World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.  This report ranks 144 countries looking at factors such as government corruption, education, health care, technology, innovation, tax structure, etc.  As you might guess the Dominican Republic did not fair well in this report.

Below are some of the individual rankings for the Dominican Republic with 1 being the best and 144 being the worst.


Favoritism in decisions of government officials – 144 out of 144

Wastefulness of government spending – 144 out of 144

Diversion of public funds – 142 out of 144

Reliability of police services – 143 out of 144


Quality of primary education – 143 out of 144

Quality of math and science education – 142 out of 144

Living here we see the exploitation on a daily basis and a report like this confirms what we see as the primary two issues that drive exploitation…corruption and lack of education.  The question then has to be asked, how does it change?

I can think of few things more able to positively impact a country than strong well-educated Christian leaders.  There are also few things that can better protect people from being exploited than receiving a good education that also teaches Christian values and helps children to understand that The Creator created them for a purpose.  These are the reasons Go MAD Ministries has launched two education centers in the Dominican Republic.  These education centers are first to provide education to children that are not able to attend school today for whatever reason.  Second, we allow children to attend that are going to the public school to receive a better education as well as a Christian education.

If you would like to be part of changing lives to change a country consider signing up to sponsor a child with Go MAD Ministries.  Your sponsorship not only provides the financial means for a child to go to school, have regular medical care and receive a gift at Christmas, it also tells that child that there is someone out there that loves them and wants to help them to have a better future.  The ability to communicate with your child and even come and visit them, allows you to build a relationship and encourage them in their journey.  For more information on becoming a sponsor click on Sponsor A Child at the bottom of the page.

– Chantz


Children’s Health Center

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I apologize for being late with this announcement, but Go MAD Ministries, as of August 1st, has expanded its ministry to now include a health center for children.  The Firm Foundation Health Center is located very close to our education center in the village of Islabon just outside of Cabarete on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  This health center is very important due to a lack of clinics in the area.  Our doctor and nurse currently see about 400 children a month.  The children are able to see the doctor and receive medicine at the clinic.

This health center is also important in our fight against human exploitation, as many families cannot afford the cost of transportation, doctor visit, and medicine for their children.  For this reason, often times very treatable simple health issues turn into very serious health issues.  A child suffering from serious health issues cannot attend school and a lack of education leaves them very vulnerable to being exploited.  By helping to keep them healthy, we can give these children the hope of a better future.

The other issue that arises is parents left feeling desperate, as they see their child become more and more sick.  Those that seek to exploit others prey on this desperation by offering to “help” in exchange for things like slave labor from the dads, prostitution from the mothers or sometimes even in exchange for the children themselves.  By providing the medical care they need we can protect both children and parents alike.








We feel very blessed to have such wonderful people as Dr. Rosau and our nurse Ana Iris working in the health center.  They care so much for the people that come into the clinic and always treat them with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  They are true servants and it is easy to see that they love what they do.

If you would like to support the work of the health center we are in need of the following:

Financial contributions…as with any clinic we have operational expenses each month.  If you would like to sign up to help cover these monthly expenses simply click on Make A Donation on the website and choose Children’s Health Center in the drop down box for program designation.

Medical supplies…we are in need of all kinds of medical equipment such as otoscope/ophthalmoscope, pediatric blood pressure cuff, baby scales, nebulizer, tongue depressors, medical posters in Spanish, and even children’s posters like Disney type posters to decorate.  If you can meet some of these needs message us by clicking on Contact at the top of the website.

Short-Term Mission Trip…we are in need of both construction and medical help.  If you would like to come join us for a week of serving at the clinic click on Contact at the top of the website and let us know when you would like to come and how you can serve.

Thank you to all who help us rescue the weak from the wicked.

– Chantz