Firm Foundation Munoz

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 and is filed under Uncategorized

We are excited to announce the opening of our Firm Foundation Children’s Center in Munoz.  The Children’s Center will provide a quality Christian education to the children of this very poor community.  Without the choices that an education provides, these children are likely to continue in a cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Munoz is located a few miles outside of Puerto Plata hidden amongst the sugar cane fields.  Many of the children in this community do not have legal documentation and are therefore unable to attend school.  These children, both Dominican and Haitian, must have this in order to attend school, vote or attain jobs other than manual labor.  Without it not only can they not get a very important education, but they have no voice in their own country.

Not only will Firm Foundation provide these kids with a great education, but we will assist in obtaining their documentation giving them options as they dream of their future.  They will be less likely to be a target for those seeking to exploit because they will have choices.

img_0068-800x600We would love for you to get involved and be a Hero to a Child. Please join us in fighting human exploitation by sponsoring a child through Firm Foundation.  If you are interested in this program and would like to Make a Difference in the life of a child, please go to our website  We have pictures of some of the children enrolled in school who would love to get to know you.  You will be able to correspond with your child and come down on a mission trip to visit them.  Knowing that someone out there loves them and cares enough to invest in their life gives a child hope and a positive outlook on their future.

– Renee


A Night On The Track

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This past month we were privileged to host our home Church, Foundation Christian Ministries, for a short-term trip.  Our Monday was amazingly full with child registration in the morning in Munoz, followed by family pictures for the people of the community in the afternoon.  Even though the team was exhausted, we had a prayer walk planned for that evening down the “track” Pedro Clisante.  We gave the team the option to stay back, but most everyone powered through and decided to go.

Pedro Clisante is the main street in Sosua for bars and the main area for prostitutes to work.  We wanted to take the team out to see this exploitation with their own eyes and to pray for these women as we walked the street.  We hear statistics all the time but it is a very different thing to look the ladies behind the numbers in the eyes.

Lisselotte, our Oasis director, and three of the ladies from the Oasis ministry came out with us to pray over this dark street.  As we got to the end of the street, we gathered together for a group prayer.  The team broke down in tears because they saw the hopelessness in the eyes of the ladies forced into this work.  Crossing the street we passed by the busiest bar full of young girls and their customers.  This was extremely impactful for the teens on the trip as they saw girls their own age out working in prostitution.

Toward the end of the walk we came across some ladies sitting along the sidewalk taking rest.  Dulce Bella, one of the ladies from the Oasis ministry, stopped to ask if they needed prayer.  All three ladies agreed that they did and they asked for prayer to get off of the street.  One of the team members, Kim, stepped forward and prayed boldly over the women.  The Holy Spirit was flowing through her and we could feel the connection as we held hands during the prayer.  Soon another lady came out and asked the team to come pray for her beauty shop.  While they prayed a woman accepted Christ!

I stayed outside with Lisselotte and the ladies of Oasis.  All three of the women sitting along the street came to know the Lord!  It was an amazing thing to see the women of Oasis laying their hands on these other women and praying for them!  To see God move in the lives of these women is such a joy.  I feel so blessed every time I get to be a part of His work here.  Now the ladies from the street want to be a part of the Oasis ministry.  I am excited to see what God has planned for their lives and watch them become the women he created them to be!  Thank you to Foundation Christian Ministries for your support and for the loving team that came to faithfully serve alongside Go MAD.

– Renee