You Don’t Know Her

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 and is filed under Uncategorized

I was pointing out the prostitution to someone visiting recently and explaining what Go MAD does here in the Dominican Republic and the person asked me a question that I think is symptomatic of many issues we face today.  The question went something like, “Why do you care if a woman wants to be a prostitute; if she is an adult isn’t that her choice?”  The problem with the question is it assumes we know something about the woman.  I chose to answer kindly and talk about our desire to give options but what I really wanted to do was scream, “You don’t know her!”

Let me paint for you a picture that we see all too often here.  This woman that is 25 now was once a precious 5 year old child.  She had a mother that dressed her in clothes far too provocative for a 5 year old to be wearing.   She had a 16 year old sister that taught her to pose for pictures in ways a 5 year old shouldn’t.  Neither should a 16 year old for that matter.  With no father present the only men in her life were the men she saw her prostitute mother and prostitute older sister with on a regular basis.  Her mother teaches her, just as she did her older sister, that her value is in her looks and what she has to offer men.  She learns very young to wear make-up, walk in high heels and to flirt with men.  When she turns 12 years old her mother pulls her out of school and tells her it is time for her to start making money for the family.  The night comes when her mother has arranged for the sale of her virginity.  Her mother excitedly tells her, “Tonight you get to start using the gift that God has given you to earn a living.”  That night she is raped by a 45 year old man and then the next night comes and then the next and then the next.  It is difficult at first but over time she grows numb.  Now she is 25 with little education, 3 children of her own, seeing all men only as a way to make a living and she lost hope of anything different a long time ago.  You see her working but you don’t know her.

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The Spirit Moves on Sosua Beach

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 and is filed under Uncategorized

In October we hosted a mission team from our home church, Foundation Christian Ministries.  We were blessed to have dear friends visit and blessed to make new ones.  We love hosting teams as they bring so much energy and excitement with them.

Working with local pastors, we spent a lot of time at different churches and in different communities.  Ministry happened in many ways including soccer, basketball, dramas, work projects, crafts with children, movies and more.

img_1230One day will forever be a precious memory for me.  We held a beach service on a Sunday afternoon.  The family beach day here in the Dominican Republic is Sunday because most people work Monday thru Saturday.  Some of the youth on the team, along with our son Brodie, performed some worship songs and then all of the youth performed a drama that was very impactful and well received.  The adults also performed a drama that was really moving and the youth pastor delivered a short message / invitation.

Chantz and I were busy helping run the sound equipment and coordinating things.  Sometimes we get busy about the work and miss God moving.  I felt God stop me for one moment and I looked around the area.  The band was playing, and there were several groups standing huddled with beach goers sharing the Gospel of Jesus.  Teenagers were boldly standing before groups of Dominican teens sharing their faith.  A father from Texas was sharing with a Dominican man who was hugging him and weeping heavily on his shoulder as he repented.  Our pastor was sitting at a table, covered in beer bottles, sharing with a man from Europe.  I watched the Holy Spirit work through these willing people on a Sunday beach day. I am so thankful for that moment and for the willing servants who traveled to the Dominican Republic to share.

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