The Blessings on the Other Side

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 and is filed under Uncategorized

This month I had an invitation to attend a women’s conference on the South Coast.  I was excited about the opportunity and looked forward to the time of worship and the guest speakers.  As the day approached to leave for the conference, I became concerned because hurricane Tomas was headed our way.  I spoke with another lady I was traveling with and we at one point canceled the trip.  Finally, we both decided God was calling us to go no matter the weather.

Chantz dropped me at the bus station and I was headed to San Pedro, headed toward the storm.  The five plus hour drive started off pleasantly with light rain.   Half way there, the a/c stopped working on the bus and the rain was pouring down.  The bus was extremely stuffy and there were people on the bus turning a little green.  I started praying!  We finally made it into Santo Domingo, the Capital City, and the streets were flooded.  Water was coming into the bus and cars were stalled everywhere.  I prayed harder!

As the bus pulled into the station in Santo Domingo, a missionary friend was there to pick us up.  I was so glad to see him.  He loaded us up and drove us the rest of the trip.  We saw gigantic waves and trees falling over.  It was very exciting, but I know that God had us going through all of this for a reason.

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Give Up and Trust God

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 and is filed under Uncategorized

Renee and I have been on the hunt for a storefront location for The Oasis Dress Shop for several weeks now.  We had just not found that “perfect” location for the budget that we had set of $300 per month.  When we found places that seemed good then it was way over our budget.  When we found places within our budget they were wrecks.  After we looked at what we thought was a “perfect” location and were told that the rent was $650 per month Renee said, “we need to just give up and trust God.”

Well…Saturday we met with a couple from another ministry over coffee.  We arrived a little early and after a “friendly” discussion between Renee and I over where to sit we ended up out under an umbrella at the furthest table from anything…the place I wanted to sit by the way.  By sitting in this location we noticed a vacancy at the little group of shops and offices that are attached to the back of the restaurant where we were meeting.  Also, this is not a normal place that we go for coffee.  We went and looked in the windows and Renee said, “this is it.”  I of course immediately started trying to temper her excitement saying that it would be out of our price range.

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