Women's Ministry Announcement

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 and is filed under Uncategorized

Go MAD Ministries is excited to announce a new ministry we are launching called Oasis. This will be a ministry focused on women at risk. Most sources now rank the Dominican Republic fourth in the sex trade industry behind, Thailand, the Philippians and Brazil. Many women working in the industry in the Dominican Republic are single mothers just trying to provide for their children.

Reality of a young pregnant girl still working.

Our desire with Oasis is to reach out and share the love of Christ with these ladies. For those who want out of the sex trade industry and meet the criteria we will have a safe house. We would assist with education for them and their children, job training, an income while they are in the program and micro-business loan or job placement assistance.

What we see most of all in these ladies is a loss of hope. They have lost hope for a different future. They have lost hope in people. They have lost hope in God. In the desert of lost hope we want to give them an Oasis.

“See, I am doing a new thing!…I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” – Isaiah 43:19 NIV

Be sure to check the website and our Facebook Page for updates as we will provide more details about this new area of ministry over the coming months.

– Chantz Cutts


From Mundane to Miracle

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A few days ago, I had a busy day planned, like so many other days here.  I was headed up to our depot, or storage room, to sort and organize.  This room is a mess after teams come down and can be a disaster after so many summer teams.  The week before we had met up to sort school supplies to get out to the school children.  This took an entire morning because of the number of children we needed to supply and so I knew that this morning was going to be equally as busy.  I have to say, I faced this job with a little dread.

Knee deep in used clothes, we were working hard and building up quite a sweat.  The breeze wasn’t blowing much that day and I felt that we weren’t getting anywhere fast.  As I hauled out another suitcase full of clothing, a woman walked up to me.  At first I thought she wanted something from the depot, but she pulled me aside.  She grabbed hold of my hand like I was her life line.  I knew something was terribly wrong.

I asked the woman her name, but she began to cry and couldn’t speak.  She was dripping sweat, just burning up.  I brought her a cool wet rag and she began to calm down.  I learned that her father had passed away and she needed to get to Moca.  Moca is a fair distance from where we live and she needed money to get there and to buy a box.  This is the term for the casket.  While she told me this, another missionary visiting from the South side of the Island walked up, her name is Barb.  She has a wonderful gift of calm and discernment. We were able to learn the woman’s name, Fiordeliza.

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