Developing a Heart for Playa Laguna

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I would like to introduce you to a wonderful village named Playa Laguna. Playa Laguna has been a long established village just outside of the town of Sosua. It is in very low lying area close to the ocean. Because of it being in a low lying area there always seems to be water around even when it doesn’t rain.

When we first moved to the Dominican Republic back in 2006 it was a very quiet kind of country village. A large development came in a couple of years ago and bought up all of the ocean front property in the area and a large piece to connect the ocean front to the main road. They are building exclusive condos and houses along the ocean. Because many of the people of Playa Laguna do not actually own the land they are living on they were forced to move around to accommodate this new development. The Dominican people are amazingly resilient and have managed to simply move around the outside of the walls that enclose the new development and continue to live their lives with a smile on their face.

A truck has gone to Playa Laguna to pick people up for Wednesday night Bible Study and Friday night Church for several years. However, we recently started having a church service on Sunday nights. It has been a real blessing for the people of Playa Laguna to have something of their own.

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Xiomara is Overjoyed With The Blessing

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As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, this seems like a great time to think about our blessings. We live among some people with very real needs. The Dominican Republic is a third world country after all. Many of the people live in difficult situations. Their homes are mostly one room and they have no bathrooms. Some will buy a handful of rice and beans to feed their family for that day because that is all they can afford. What is truly amazing about these Dominicans is that those who are faithful to Christ feel completely blessed.

I would like to share a story of one such person. Her name is Xiomara. Xiomara is a teacher at our school in the village of Bombita. She is a lively woman with a beautiful daughter named Lorena. She works tirelessly for the students of this school. When the school began a few years ago, there were just a handful of students. Now there are nearly one-hundred kids that attend. Xiomara is also very active in our church in Bombita. When we began the church a few years ago, we had only a few regular people, and she was always there with a smile and encouragement for us. Now the church has grown to be a real light in the community and she was a big part of that.

Xiomara is one of the faithful that does not complain about her situation. She lives in a very small wood home that is crumbling. This past month we had a group of pastors down on a trip and one of the pastors felt a great burden for Xiomara’s living conditions. He decided to go home and raise money with help from the other pastors in the group. These wonderful people have raised enough money to build Xiomara a new home.

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Cultural Differences

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In moving back to the Dominican Republic we have had to readjust to several of the differences between living in the U.S. and living here. No air conditioner, lizards and worms in the house, language, lack of rules on driving, having a 5 gallon water heater you have to turn on as needed and the food to name a few. As I write this the daytime temp is in the mid 80’s with a cool breeze so the lack of A/C is no problem. A few nights ago our fan quit working when it caught fire and the overnight temp was in the mid 80’s with no breeze and that was a problem.

The lizards, worms and other creepy crawlies that go in and out of the house with freedom are really not an issue. You get used to them pretty quickly and they really don’t bother us. In fact, we have a new batch of baby lizards living in the house that are really cute. Driving is kinda like playing a video game so I have fun with that one.

While adjusting to living in a foreign culture can be challenging it is also a great growth opportunity and fun. It is something everyone should experience.

– Chantz Cutts

Missionary Kids: Digging In

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So this month we have had a lot of exciting things happen with going to school, starting a youth worship team and one of us has taken a real interest in surfing. This week we are on our spring break and it’s been a good relaxing time for us. The Dominican’s take their spring break during the week of Samana Santa, which is Holy Week. This is a time to enjoy family and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. School has needless to say been kind of stressful, but it has been good and we are learning the language and making lots of friends. We have both taken a few test so far and have done okay on them so school is going pretty good.

This month we have also started up an English speaking youth group and an English speaking worship team which has been a blast. Both are going well and for those who go to Foundation you’ll be excited to know that the first song we have been working on is One Way. Also, this month Brett has started surfing! It has been awesome. He’s really getting into it and has stood up a lot. It has been awesome to see him really dig into it and enjoy it.

So that’s all for this month. Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to support us.

– Brodie & Brett