Getting Settled

Saturday, February 20th, 2010 and is filed under Uncategorized

Moving to the Dominican Republic has been like coming home. In some ways thing are exactly the same and yet in other ways things have changed. The majority of Sosua is the same. There are a few new businesses and for some reason most of the one way streets are now going the opposite directions but it still feels familiar. It is exciting to be back.

We thought we knew exactly where we would be staying when we moved down. Right before leaving the U.S. we found out that our house wouldn’t be ready. The realtor also had a condo available so we lived there for a few weeks. This gave us time to look at homes and we found a place that is a good fit for our family. The price was a little more than we thought we would pay, but it is still a great deal for the area. The one negative is that the house was mostly unfurnished. We have been living with borrowed lawn chairs and we look forward to having money to buy something more comfortable soon.

A vehicle was another necessity for living in this area. We did find a great deal on a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero sport. It is crazy when $9000 on a 2002 is a great deal. That is living in the DR though. Chantz also purchase a pasola which in the U.S. we call a mo-ped. This uses much less gas as gas is now running $145 pesos which is around $5 U.S. a gallon.

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Finding Our Place

Saturday, February 20th, 2010 and is filed under Uncategorized

Our first month back in the Dominican Republic has almost gone by and we are starting to better get into the swing of things. I think we both thought that we would hit the ground and just pick up where we left off, but it hasn’t happened that way. It has taken some time to get settled and find our place here in the ministry. A smart person told me one time, “If you are having a difficult time finding where God wants you to serve, just start serving and God will take you where he wants you”. So many times I hear people say that they are waiting for God to reveal to them what he wants them to do but I am not sure that is how it works. I believe God wants us to take that first step in serving so that is what we are doing. It reminds me of when my Dad would drive up on a job site to find a guy not working and they would tell him it was because they didn’t know what to do. I remember him telling them, “If you don’t know what to do just do something. If it is wrong I will just have you redo it. I would rather that then have you standing around doing nothing.”

I think God would rather have us serving in an area that doesn’t fit us perfectly than not serving at all. So, we have jumped in serving as things have come up. We helped lead a team of pastors that came to visit for a week. The missionaries were so encouraged by this group of pastors. They had such wonderful hearts and most all of them have served in ministry for a number of years. It is great to learn from people with such wisdom. Many of them were broken hearted over the poverty here in the Dominican Republic. In this area I felt the missionaries were able to care for them and give them some encouragement. Many of the people that are faithful members of our church have very little but are content in their circumstances. They know that this world is temporary and that their reward is in heaven with Christ Jesus.

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Missionary Kids: Getting Involved

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Well, we started school this week and it was very interesting. We are attending Colegio Nueva Vida which is a Dominican, Spanish speaking school. We’ve both made new friends and are already finding our place in the school. We are both so excited about learning Spanish and being able to completely communicate with the people here.

I was asked to play with the worship team one Sunday morning. It was great to be able to give back my talent to God. I will be alternating on the Sunday team and the youth are about to start their own worship team. Brett is taking drum lessons from one one of the missionaries. He is working hard so he can play with the youth team as well.

Brett and I are both very excited about a new English speaking youth group. The past two Sunday evenings we have met and had a lot of fun. We are glad to be here to help get it kicked off.

That’s about it. Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to support us.

– Brodie & Brett

First Week in the Dominican Republic

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Our first week in the Dominican Republic is behind us and it had its ups and downs. We are thrilled to be home and doing the work that God has called us to. Living in a third world country has its challenges but we also feel blessed to live here. We thought we would update you on what has been going on with us.

The week started off weird because me ears were so stopped up from my sinus infection and flying that I could barely hear people talking to me and had no clue how loud or quite I was talking. We were all really tired after all of the events leading up to leaving and then our 3 hours of sleep the night before we left. Thank God everyone is now healthy and rested and this week so far has proved to be much more productive.

We thought we had a house lined up before leaving the States but that did not work out so we have been house hunting. Honestly we have had a difficult time finding a house that we can afford that has the size we need for homeschooling. This is the high time for tourism so homeowners do not want to sign people to long term leases. Today though we caught a break and found a great house. It is more than we budgeted for but is the least expensive house in any size we have been able to find. We are blessed that it is in a neighborhood that has 24 hour security and a backup generator. Theft is a huge issue here and because of the rolling blackouts the power is out for anywhere from 6 – 10 hours a day.

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