Breaking the cycle of exploitation by giving children the hope of a better future.  Equipping children with a quality education creates opportunity. Having hope and opportunity helps protect children living in poverty from exploitation now, and in the future.



A lack of proper medical care leaves many children living in poverty with untreated medical issues.  Families can bring their children to our clinics and receive the care and medicine they need to get healthy.  Providing nutritious meals we help children grow and develop properly. 


Job Training

Empowering adults through education and job training to protect them from exploitation and end the cycle of poverty. Living in extreme poverty means living in constant danger of exploitation. Creating opportunities through education and job training restores hope.


Community Development

Working in partnership with local community leadership to reach out to their communities.  It is our belief that by educating and empowering local leadership we can assist in building a strong community and this is one of the best ways to protect individuals from exploitation.